In this article, we will briefly go through a few aspects of the IDNLIVE website. Also called as IDN play, the website is known for the gaming experiences it provides the user.

What is IDNLIVE?

IDNLIVE is also called as IDN PLAY. IDNLIVE is able to bring the thrill of real-life games virtually. The player gets to have a good gaming experience with the help of IDNLIVE. The main goal of the website is to give the player a unique experience with every game they play. There are a few games IDNLIVE has and they are Red and white, Roulette, Head and tail. All these games are hosted by real live dealers. IDNLIVE is compatible with mobiles and tablets so the player can play the games anywhere he wants. IDNLIVE is secure and trustable as it has been certified by bmm test labs and pagcor.  

What are some of the pages the website has?

  • Contact us

The contact us page lets the user to communicate with the employees of the website. If the user wants to enquire about something or faces any issue related to the game, then he can use this page for availing the customer service facilities. There are various social media pages displayed on the page which can be used for contacting the website.

  • Media

The next page the website has is the media page. The media page displays the latest news that are happening in the world of gaming. Along with that, this website page also displays all the events that happen in the IDN Community.

  • Services

The services page displays the services that are hosted by the website. Some of the services are API Interactions and white label solution. The user can avail these services by signing up on the website.

  • Products

The products page features all the products IDN LIVE has. Some of the products are IDN POKER, IDN SPORTS. The user will get all the information of the products on this page.

  • About us

Lastly, the about us page highlights the motto the website follows. The about page is available on the top right corner of the website.

Does IDN LIVE accept multiple currencies?

Yes, IDN LIVE sees players from various parts of Asia. Therefore, the website accepts various different currencies. The website can also be translated in various languages.

What are some games the website offers?

The website offers games like super 10 poker and Omaha poker. Along with that, the website also supports baccarat.

Is IDNLIVE compatible on mobile and tablets?

Yes, IDNLIVE is compatible on mobile and tablets. The user has to first install the application and then login to start playing.

What are some of the features the website has?

Tournaments: The website holds various poker tournaments for the user to indulge in. If the user wins the tournament, he receives a cash prize.

Private tables: The user can create a private table for him and his friends to play. In these rooms or table, only those people will be given access who are invited by the user.

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