Planning a tour in Tohoku is an exciting part of Japan’s travel itinerary. Dewa Sanzen is the first name on the japan tohoku toursThese are the three sacred mountains in the Yamagata Prefecture. There is a shrine near the peak of each. The three mountains are Gas-san, Haguro-San, and Yudono-san. Haguro-san represents birth, Gas-san represents death, and Yudono-san represents rebirth. You need to visit these mountains maintaining order. The place is the center of Segundo, the folk religion that blends Shinto traditions and Buddhism concepts. Yamabushi are the Shugendo practitioners who practice meditations and perform various endurance activities.



Mount Zao

You can spend a couple of days at the Dewa Sanzen and then move to Mount Zao at the height of 1841 meters. It is the most prominent mountain of the Tohoku region. Its location is the border of Miyagi Prefecture and Yamagata Prefecture. It is an active volcano featuring beautiful craters with the Okama lake. The shape resembles the traditional cooking pot, and hence the name. You cannot approach the crater but view it from a distance during winter. The Zao Echo Line is a spectacular road leading to the Kattadake peaks at 1758 meters. It takes almost 45 minutes to hike from Kattadake to the highest peak of Zao. 


And how can the tour be complete without a visit to Yamadera, the temple on the mountains? The location is on the mountains, which aids in having a great view from the top. It was the temple of the Tendai sect and established in 860. The official name initially was Risshakuji. Later, the name Yamadera became more popular as it depicts a mountain temple. The mountain base is only a five minutes’ walking distance from the Yamadera train station. There is also a visitor center across the bridge for the tourists. 

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