Well done, you’ve made it through to Friday – which means it’s almost the weekend. There are two reasons why this is absolutely incredible news. Firstly, that’s a whole two days of freedom from the dreaded nine-to-five slog… but also, and perhaps more importantly, it’s time for the traditional Friday night takeaway. But if you’re a bit strapped for cash until payday, fear not as McDonald’s is offering new customers the chance to get free McDonald’s ice-cream. But don’t worries, if you’re not into Ice-cream – some people aren’t, apparently – the $1 offer apply to Just Eat, opening up a much wider dessert world. Hallelujah, there is a God! Let’s get into it!

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Free food is always a favorite thing for all and a free Ice-cream takes everyone’s excitement to the whole new level. There are plenty of promotions currently being offered by the McDonald’s but the most favorite is free Ice cream cone offer. So if you have not availed this offer then you’ll have to move quickly if you want to take advantage. But how to get free McDonald’s Ice-cream,don’t fret, we are going to uncover all the details that let you know how you can enjoy free Ice-cream delight this summer. Luckily, this deal is available to all customers, even with all one per household. All you need to download McDonald’s app on your mobile phone and redeem this offer. The good thing is that this cool offer works in the drive-thru also. Here’s what you have to do: 

Step 1: Visit any McDonald’s outlet with a happiness machine with your friends and family. 

Step 2: Give a bigger smile in front of this machine and take a photo. Once you snap a photo, you‘ll get a voucher to redeem the offer. You can also send this smiling photo on your social channels and tell your friends about this great offer.

Step3: Now you can get your free ice-cream cone. All you need to bring your redemption voucher to the service counter and receive your favorite flavor ice-cream cone.

There is also another method too to take benefit of this exciting offer. 

Step 1: Visit any McDonald’s outlet with your family near you.

Step 2: Download McDonald’s mobile app and redeem the offer.

Step 3: Now receive free ice-cream cone or hot fudge Sundae with any purchase from the counter

So what are you waiting for? It is never a bad idea to cool down the summer effect with free McDonald’s delicious ice cream cone or Sundae. What’s a better way to treat yourself to an Ice-cream on the sunny days. It’s not an ice-cream, it’s FREE ice cream. Head over to your nearest McDonald’s to enjoy this yummy and free delightful offer and snag yourself a free sundae. For more information and a list of the full terms and conditions, visit McDonald’s website. We’d love to know your thoughts. Share your experiences with us in the comment box!

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