If you would love to take your dog with you on holiday, then you might want to consider a staycation in the UK. Your dog will be able to travel with you and there won’t be any of the hassle that comes with taking a pet on a flight.

There’s no better staycation than camping in the countryside. The UK has brilliant camping spots that put you in the heart of nature, really close to a lot of hiking trails and other fun outdoor activities. Are you considering taking your dog camping with you? They’ll certainly enjoy it, and following these next few tips will ensure that they are comfortable and safe throughout the whole trip.

Find A Suitable Campsite

First of all, you need to find a campsite that will allow you to take your dog. The majority of them will, but there might be a few that do not allow dogs with visitors. When you are looking at a potential campsite, it’s a good idea to read online reviews from previous campers. They will likely mention how suitable the campsite was for dogs and if there were any special facilities for them, such as water bowls and feeding areas. 

Always Keep Dogs Away From The Firepit

If you love making bonfires or campfires while camping, you will need to take extra care of your dog as the fire could be dangerous. Always keep your pooch on a lead if you light a bonfire and keep them well away. Sparks might fly and burn them if they get too close. As campfires are smaller, you don’t need to keep your dog on a lead. However, make sure that they don’t approach the fire pit even if it isn’t lit, as the pit can retain a lot of heat from the fire for a long time afterwards.

Pack Plenty Of Doggy Essentials

You will no doubt pack a lot of essentials for yourself, but don’t forget about your dog! As well as taking the best puppy food with you, it’s also necessary to take a lead, water and food bowls, and a dog jacket if it might be chilly at night. You might also want to take a stake so that you can tie your dog to it whenever you might need to. For instance, it could be worth tying the dog to the stake while you put the tent up, so that you don’t have to keep an eye on it at the same time. 

Take A Pet First-Aid Kit

Something else that might come in useful during your camping trip is a pet first-aid kit. You should be able to buy these from your vet. Alternatively, take a look online to see what you need in one if you would rather put one together yourself. Hopefully, you won’t need to use it but it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Follow all of these useful tips to enjoy yourself and stay safe when you go camping with your pooch!

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