Midlife crisis is a type of psychological disorder that happens more or less every male human being when they hit the middle age. In this age they turn towards the younger generation, trying to revive their lost youth. This is a part of male narcissism and male ego. They cannot accept the change in their mind and body and they try to be what they’re not. At the age of 40-50 which is considered as middle age, men try to go back to the days of their youth.They forget who they’ve become. Many of these have a family but still they forget to care about those.

Why this happens:

  • They think their youth is drifting away
  • They try to be as close to the young generation as possible
  • They tend to forget about their family and whereabouts
  • They get more attracted towards young women
  • They use money to lure women into their lives
  • Sometimes they get sexually attached
  • Their sexual drive sometimes increaseswhich causes trouble
  • They become irresponsible and cannot focus on their work

Effect of midlife crisis:

This hit hard on the family of the person who is suffering from this. Their family members are in trouble for this. Those who are suffering do not focus on their families and start to ignore them. As they think of them young, they get attracted to young women. They even try to get involve with them by showing off their money. Those who are wealthy can still get away with it but those who are not sometimes indulge into some types of crime. This also applies in their workplace. A man starts to behave wrongly with their female co-workers. This leads to serious crimes. They strive to seek opportunities for their sexual drive. Even Walter Babst is a sufferer of midlife crisis which leads him to do crimes later in his life.

The notion of midlife crisis began with Sigmund Freud’s theory which says that midlife crisis is the thought of fear of a person’s impending death. Midlife crisis has gained some popular culture than the conventional research, although there are theoretical constructions supporting the notion. Midlife crisis is a key to self-awareness, individualism and a process of self-actualization. These theories contain many potential paradoxes. Carl Jung’s description of midlife integration of thinking, sensation, feeling, intuition could lead to confusionabout one’s life and self.

There are many reasons to view midlife crisis negatively but there are some positiveaspects of it.It is a part of life of self-growth and self-awareness. By this age people gather a lot of experience which can be helpful and beneficialin their work. Psychologists have said that the initial phase of midlife crisis can be confusing but later it is rewarding. Some people who live better life than they were in their youth proves to be more productive, this is called “crystallized intelligence” as they are able to recall long forgotten memory. In general, as people age more, they gain more experience but lose the ability to analyse and synthesize.

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