As its name specifies, a garden shed is a small construction with no foundations. In some, a garden shed can be a temporary, removable or permanent construction. Such a device can serve several purposes. Indeed, having a small shed in your garden makes it possible to facilitate many things and relieve the congestion of the garage, the cellar or simply the house. In addition, a garden shed is perfectly suited for storing gardening tools, storing items or having a small space suitable for certain hobbies. The garden shed is generally designed with different types of materials such as wood, PVC or metal. For the garden room with shed this is important.

Installing a metal garden shed, for example, is very simple and practical, but it still requires you to comply with certain prescriptions.

Building a metal garden shed: what does the law recommend?

Like all constructions, the construction of a garden shed is subject to regulations. In the case of species, it is the dimensions (area and height) of the shelter that condition the administrative procedures that you must undertake, regardless of the material chosen. Upstream, you will need to check with your town hall if the land is buildable and if it is subject to a specific planning regulation. In some regions, regulations may limit the layout, height, etc. from your garden shed.

The things you should definitely check out are:

  • The character of the land: is it buildable?
  • What urban planning regulations apply to the land? Is it a PLU, an RNU, a municipal card or are there decrees in force?
  • Is the land located in a remarkable heritage site or a classified site?
  • Does a specific regulation apply?

Generally, if no specific regulations are specified, you will then be subject to the Town Planning Code, which in particular implies compliance with layout rules in terms of distance limits from the neighborhood and public roads. On the legal level, know that an internal regulation can take precedence over general provisions. In some cases, architectural constraints may sometimes be imposed. Thus, the materials may be subject to restriction, in particular with regard to the use of steel trays, metal plates, etc.

On the other hand, any construction greater than 5 meters is liable to the development tax

If you want to buy a garden shed, there are several brands that offer garden sheds, which are easy to set up in your home. In order to make the best possible purchase, it is recommended to make a comparison of existing offers on the market. Thanks to this metal shelter comparator , you can be sure of choosing the best product that meets your needs and in compliance with the legal requirements in this area.

Choice of metal garden shed: define a priori the surface to be occupied

The surface is one of the elements to consider first when choosing your garden shed. It is best to define the surface according to your needs . Besides the size of the garden shed, the size of your garden and your financial margins should be considered. Whether it is the size of your garden or your financial constraints, all these elements will therefore be used to choose the metal garden shed that suits you best.

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