A storm can wreak havoc on your home. While you might think that there is no more hope, take comfort in the fact that there are professional services for storm damage restoration, Rockwall, texas. This means that your home can go back to how it was before the storm happened, and with the help of professionals, you won’t have to suffer from the damages for very long.


After the storm, do not go out right away without first ensuring your personal safety. Do not step on puddles of water especially if you see any live wire cables hanging from the post. If the storm did this much damage, it’s safest to call the electric company for aid first. You should also make sure that the storm really is over before stepping outside. Listen to the news and see where the storm is already before stepping out. Sometimes, the calm that you see is only momentary. Any sudden winds can bring dangerous objects too close to you. You should also wear boots and protective gear if you feel like there could be winds again, or if the storm was strong enough to break glass.


If windows broke, you need to prevent further damage to your home by boarding up. This is one of the most popular tips from professionals working on storm damage restoration, Rockwall, Texas. You must also check on other possible causes of leaks. Block these entryways as much as possible to prevent further water damage. If you have furniture in spaces inside your home which could be flooded, it’s always a good idea to bring them to higher ground.

Inspect with care

Before going out to inspect damage, make sure you are wearing safety gear. You must also make sure you are adept enough to navigate through the muck left behind by the storm. If you aren’t, you might want to hand over the inspection to someone else, preferably a restoration expert. Check on the roof and foundational damage. Check for cracks on the walls and broken facias of your home. Check the flooring of all spaces in your home because you would want these repaired as soon as possible to prevent further soil erosion.


Document everything during the inspection. This way, you can have an easier time talking to your insurance about damage coverages. Hopefully, most of the damage expenses are covered by your insurance and you do not have to spend too much money trying to put your home back together.

Talk to insurance

Talk to your insurance about repairs. Ask them what the limitations of your coverage are and show documentation of the damages. They could have a list of professionals accredited for storm damage restoration, Rockwall, Texas. This shortlist is a good list to work with. The fact that they are accredited by your insurance policy provider means they do not tend to overcharge.


Most licensed teams handling storm damage restoration, Rockwall, Texas give free assessments. Take this opportunity even if you have already taken note of damages yourself. Professionals have tools, and their expertise can help you see a fuller picture especially when it comes to foundational compromises. Present their assessment again to your insurance company.


Be upfront with your budget so that your restoration company will know what to prioritize. They will always advise you to do repair jobs related to safety rather than aesthetics. If, of course, you would want to see your home in its perfect condition, again, being upfront with your budget with the team handling your restoration allows you to make things possible with a few minor tweaks on smaller projects that are less important.

Dryman Construction Group offers quick and efficient storm damage restoration, Rockwall, texas. Contact us today for more information about our restoration services.

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