The compound Pterostilbene can be achieved from the blueberry plants, grapes, and Pterocarpus marsupium. This organic component has the ability to destroy the cancerous cells and also effective in preventing aging problems. The Antioxidant elements present within it are very effective in our body parts. Let us see how it can affect our all body parts.

Brain: All the neurons are connected to our brains. The brain is the main functional organ of our body which controls the whole body. The Antioxidant property of Pterostilbene is working on the cells and blood blockages and prevent them. Thus it helps to recover the memory cells also. 

Breast: Pterostilbene activates the mammary cells of breath. Breast cancer is a very common disease nowadays. The Antioxidant elements help to get rid of cancerous cells in breast as well as it increases the mammary ducts and vessels. It also puts an effect on chromosome 10 which is responsible to suppress the tumors from growing. 

Cardiovascular: The disease regarding the cardiovascular system, especially the endothelium disease is very harmful. This disease generally occurs due to smoking, ignoring healthy foods and fruits. Some pathogens are present here to promote the body functions but those get damaged too. Pterostilbene helps to control the blood regulations in all parts of the cardiovascular system.

Esophagus: Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or commonly known as GERD and cancerous disease can be happened here by the presence of carcinogenic elements. Smoking, low intake of fruits, and alcohol consumption are influencing those diseases a lot. The Antioxidant property of this Pterostilbene is increasing the anti-inflammation and anti-carcinogen characteristics and can cure the diseases occurring in the esophagus.

Stomach: Mainly nitrate and harmful elements are the cause of cancer in the stomach. If somehow the blood flow is stuck here then, the nutrition can’t be spread to the stomach area. And the minimum nutrition is received is used by the cancerous cells to generate and spread more. Pterostilbene directly acts on these cells and increases the percentage of cytochrome C. 

Liver: Cirrhosis and excessive alcoholism destroy the liver cells and increase the chances of CLD, Chronic Liver Disease. The liver plays an important role in digestion and excretion of our body and these elements cause the inflammation, necrosis like a disease. But Pterostilbene is a perfect option for the resolve. It increases the amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in the cell and prevents the diseases.

Pancreas: Pancreatic cancer is the most dangerous cancer than any other cancer. The pancreas has both direct and indirect connections with all body parts. It increases the generation of tumors. The Antioxidant property of the pancreas takes care of it.

Pterostilbene is very effective due to Maintaining the blood sugar level and lipid metabolism. It also takes care of carbohydrate and protein synthesis along with maintaining the cholesterol level of our body like Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA). Pterostilbene is surely the greatest invention of medical science. 

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