Although there are still months for the phones to be officially presented thanks to rumours and leaks, we already know practically everything about them. An iPhone XR is expected to come out, and now we know it will have the largest battery ever seen in an Apple phone.

Some years back the Cupertino bet on taking a “cheap” mobile beyond the new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max now, Apple will repeat the strategy with the iPhone XR that will be focused on being a phone with cut specifications to be able to sell at a lower price, but it will highlight your battery.

As we now know, Apple will end-user problems or complaints that its batteries are not as large as other brands. The new iPhone XR of 2019 will have the largest battery we have ever seen in an Apple phone and will be the perfect mobile for those who always complain about unlock iphone XR and autonomy.

IPhone XR 2019 battery

A report on the battery provider for the next mobile Apple confirms that we would have a large capacity in this new phone. In addition, the battery supplier confirms that the iPhone XR 2019 would be called iPhone XR 2 although we will have to wait for Apple to officially present it so that we know this detail.

Also, the battery would be durable. The 2019 iPhone XR battery is expected to hit 3,110 mAh and would be Apple’s most mAh phone available to date. To compare smartphone, it is still far from rivals of other brands such as the more than 4,000 mAh in some Xiaomi mobiles (which you can buy now on sale at Phone House).

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