A backyard can quickly transform into the perfect outdoor room with outdoor game tables. If space is a concern, you could move most of your favored games outdoors using an outdoor game table. This solution is ideal for sprucing up the backyard and saves room in the house. 

Outdoor game tables are typically different from standard outdoor game tables in terms of material and weather protection on their outdoor finishes. The outdoor pool table cover is specifically designed to protect the outdoor tables from strong sunlight and moisture, damaging outdoor pool tables’ surface.

Some outdoor game tables have a removable surface, making it convenient to use around the pool or patio while the table is not in use. These are also ideal for areas where there isn’t enough space for outdoor game tables, such as porches or decks. 

Other popular outdoor game tables that might be ideal for outdoor spaces are card or board games, racquetball, and table tennis. The table tennis table is popular as it is portable and doesn’t take up a lot of storage space.

You might also want to consider portable outdoor game tables for outdoor pool parties and other get-togethers. Shuffleboard and foosball tables provide an enjoyable way to play outdoor games while your family is indoors or when guests are staying over. 

Outdoor shuffleboard and foosball tables are much different from traditional indoor shuffleboards and foosballs, making to roll and move across hard surfaces. Still, outdoor shuffleboard and foosball tables can be used indoors in a specially designed play area. When friends or families stay over, they can all enjoy the fun of outdoor games at home.

This infographic by R&R Outdoors further expands on the different outdoor game tables you can use for your next social gathering. 

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