Canadian Cabling and Wiring

Sycor Technology, a Canadian company based in Mississauga, Ontario, has provided cabling and wiring for an impressive clientele since its founding in 1981. Not only are its customers spread across Canada, but they are also located throughout the world. This is thanks to the quality of its cables and wires as they have been designed to withstand tremendous stresses, many of which are unique to the various industries that they are used in.

UL/CSA Certification

Sycor is a UL/CSA cable manufacturer, meaning that its cables and wires meet the standards of the industry and have their quality assured. Additionally, Sycor employees put their cables and wires through several tests and inspections so that all that depart its 40,000-square foot warehouse are of top quality and safe.

Impact on Solar Energy

Cables and wires tend to play significant roles in solar energy as they transfer power and provide communication between different parts of the systems. Sycor ensures that the cables and wires that it manufactures and distributes for these applications are of high enough quality to do these tasks while concurrently lasting through the harsh conditions that they often endure.

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