Designing is all about creativity. A creative mind is of great help in making a simple yet effective patch design. But finding a true creative genius is the difficult task itself. This article will help you to ignite the creative passion within you.

You understand your fire department better than anyone else from outside. This will trigger your thought process and help in finding the elements you need to incorporate in Fire Department Patch Design.

  • Identity

As said, being an insider you know your department, its history, achievement, and your people and the city. All you have to do is to list those factors and elements you want to consider and discuss with your seniors.

  • Shape, Size & Position

Once the identity elements are finalized you have to finalize the shape of the patch design and accordingly, you have to select a size. Shape and size of the patch will depend on the position of the patch.

  • Color

Color is one of the most important factors while designing the patch. You have to keep the department’s color theme in mind along with the color of the background. The base color and font color also need to be taken into consideration as this is ultimately all about visual clarity.

  • Font

You need to have a good 3-4 word punch line in sync with your department’s mission. You have to select a simple and spacious font with better visibility. It is better to avoid custom fonts as this will have lesser visibility in the patch.

  • Keep it simple

This is ultimate if achieved. Simplicity has the highest level of acceptance when it comes to branding. It goes well with patches also. It would be great if you could avoid multiple layering of symbols.

  • Proportion & Symmetry

The human eye is conditioned to visualize pattern and memorize things accordingly. Any mismatch in proportional symmetry finds it difficult to catch desired mental attention.

Once you are ready with your creative brief, you can share those with a good designer. He will do justice to your idea and make that a reality.

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