SEO is increasingly useful for generating new leads and sales, but it is not always affordable. While it is always recommended to hire experts, here are tips to help you get SEO done at affordable price (รับ ทํา seo ราคา ถูก, which is the term in Thai):

Publish High Quality, Long-Form Content

For your website to rank in the search engines and receive the traffic you crave for, you need to create quality and informative content that answers the reader’s most pressing questions.

Increase Your On-Page SEO

When people talk about SEO, external factors often take the spotlight. Although social interactions, links, and other external signals are essential for improved rankings, on-page SEO plays a significant role as well.

On-page SEO means optimizing individual web pages (their content and source code, mainly) to improve ranks in the Search engine result pages and gather more traffic.

Use Internal Linking to Pass SEO Juice to Other Pages

Internal linking, (any links from one page in a domain to another page in the same domain), is an essential SEO technique you must not ignore. Utilizing internal linking, website owners can attract Google and visitors’ attention to a specific page; resulting in a host of benefits for SEO.

Get More Search Engine Love by Improving Your Site Page Speed

During a full site audit, pay attention to opportunities that will help you increase your site speed. If you use a lot of images in your posts and pages, ensure you compress them. If you use a platform like WordPress, try to get rid of plugins and add-ons you don’t use

Use a Responsive Design to Appeal to Google

 Google searches are mostly carried out on smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets other than desktop computers. Google always places user experience and satisfaction first, and it is unsurprising that it now makes use of responsiveness as a ranking criterium in its algorithm.

Responsive web design makes use of adjustable images, CSS style sheets, and grids to adjust a website’s content and layout depending on the device. Resulting in a smooth reading and browsing experience for both mobile and desktop users, and this is exactly Google’s goal.

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