Life is hard and sometimes unfair. No one wakes up one day and decides to become an alcohol or drug addict. Substance abuse is a problem that unfolds over time. In some people, it is connected to the trauma they suffered as a child. In others, it has to do with life circumstances that were beyond their control. Indeed, many people who have become dependent on drugs or alcohol started the habit as a way of asserting control in their life.

Having a substance abuse problem does not make you a bad person. You work, you take care of your family, and you live as most other people do. However, like nearly everyone else, your life is not without difficulties and problems. There is nothing exceptional about substance abuse aside from the stigma place on it by society.

If you are in the transportation industry, if you work as a commercial operator of trucks, buses, planes, or any other form of public transportation, you will get tested regularly for drugs. If you test positive, you will be suspended from your duties. If you are involved in an accident or mishap while under the influence of alcohol, you will likewise be suspended.

This need not mean the end of your career. You can learn to manage your life without drugs or alcohol. You can get the help you need by working with American substance abuse professionals. Most transport companies maintain not only a rigorous drug testing program, but also a sound drug treatment program. Getting a commercial driver trained and certified constitutes a considerable investment for transport companies. Most companies will seek to get drivers who have a substance abuse problem help rather than terminating their employment. You should take advantage of any programs offered by your employer.

One of the most important steps to recovery is to determine the reasons and conditions that led to your addiction. If you are one of the growing number of people who have become addicted to pain killers first prescribed to you after an accident, then you can get the help you need. A great deal has been in the news recently about opioid addiction. However, it is rarely acknowledged that many of the people who got hooked on pain killers do suffer real pain. It is possible to separate this fact from your addiction.

In some instances, CBD oil is a viable substitute for strong prescription pain killers. CBD oil is used to treat anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, and a range of other conditions. CBD oil is a non-psychotropic drug. In most places, a prescription is not necessary to purchase it. Can truck drivers use cbd oil? The FDA does not regulate CBD oil, and the DEA does not consider it a Schedule I substance. Since it is not regulated, CBD Oil can and often does contain trace amounts of THC. This can trigger a failed DOT Drug Test. Anyone who falls under the DOT regulations should avoid CBD oils and lotions for this reason.

You can separate your drug addiction from your need for pain relief. CBD oil is an alternative. can truck drivers use cbd oil ? Visit this site to learn more.

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