Getting back to business following a disaster can be quite challenging, especially if you aren’t aware of what you should do first to hasten your restoration and recovery process. Well, we’ve got you covered because, in this article, we’ve rounded up nine things you need to know — from hiring restoration companies South Jersey to filing insurance claims — to help you return to normal and minimize further damage to your business.

Get assistance from restoration experts. Restoring a commercial property is a herculean responsibility — and it’s one of the tasks that are better left in the hands of restoration companies South Jersey. These contractors have the knowledge and tools to assess your situation, restore what can still be restored, and safely dispose of those that can’t be salvaged.

Call concerned organizations immediately. Local businesses can avail disaster assistance services offered by the Small Business Administration (SBA) or the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). They offer programs that provide support to your employees — in terms of getting proper medical attention or taking part in counseling services.

Document the damages. Taking photos and videos of your commercial property can help you file insurance claims more conveniently. These pieces of evidence can also come handy when relaying your situation to the abovementioned agencies or to your other stakeholders.

File insurance claims. To minimize the restoration and recovery expenses you’ll shoulder, you should also prioritize getting in touch with your insurance provider. Ask any queries you have in mind so you can maximize your policy’s coverage.

Notify your lenders and suppliers about your situation. It is also part of your obligation to alert your lenders and suppliers. Notify them and ask if you can negotiate about pushing back loan payments or in the case of your suppliers, reschedule the delivery of products or provision of services you’ve initially availed from them.

Make good use of your reserved funds. Strategic business owners typically have a “business emergency fund” in their bank accounts. In case of a natural disaster, you have to be reasonable when it comes to shelling this money. If you still lack financial resources to help you recuperate, consider taking out low-interest disaster loans.

Allow a flexible work setup. Though restoration companies South Jersey can help you make your business functional again more quickly, you should still consider employing flexible work arrangements. From staggered working hours to work-from-home setups, contemplate which option suits that nature of your business best.

Take time to recover. To help you and your employees become fully prepared to get back to business, you should take your time to recover. You need to find that balance between letting you and your workforce process the impact of the disaster and minimizing the losses of your business.

Recuperate together with your local community. If the disaster affects other local businesses in your area, it’s high time to work together and foster camaraderie for a more effective recovery. Give assistance to each other and plan you can recover as a community.

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