Using a beard shampoo is an easy thing as using a shampoo to wash your hair on your head.

Just in case, follow instructions step-by-step for beard shampoo use as Midtown Barbers do:

– Wet your beard and mustache;

– Squeeze out the required amount of shampoo in the palm of your hand and foam;

– Apply foam to the beard and massage it with your fingertips over the entire area of facial hair growth;

– Rinse the shampoo off;

– Pat dry your hair with a towel;

– Apply hair balm for nourishment and fixation or oil.

If drying with a hairdryer is necessary, then do it in a gentle mode with warm air.

If necessary, apply a styling product that will shape it.

To look solid and tidy, bearded men need to take care regularly of their main face decoration.Given the direct contact with everything that you eat and drink, particles of food accumulate in the beard, in addition, it absorbs all odors, including cigarettes.

That is why consider general recommendations for caring for a beard:

– Regular washing with special shampoos;

– Proper hair drying with a towel (a hairdryer can ruin your hair and dry it out);

– Proper combing will help to style your hair in the right direction (we recommend using a wooden comb or a brush with natural bristles).

Use of additional care products: oils for beard or indelible mousses, which will give softness, obedience and shine.

Regular haircuts and trimming make the beard look stylish (for this it is better to turn to professional barbers who will put your beard in order with a razor or trimmer).

Regular dyeing if your beard is burnt out in the sun or turns gray (a tinted spray, a dyeing wax for styling or a professional barber in the salon will also help to correct the situation).

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