Recently, virtually every article and text you obtain from the internet is usually long and requires so much time for thorough reading. This required time and effort has consequently resulted in the prevalence of the various methods by which one can automatically summarize an article as well as other online texts.

Summarizing a text automatically involves differentiating the needful parts of a text from the less important ones and then making a compilation of the important details. Text summaries are always shorter in length than the original text, hence the need for an automatic summarizer especially if long texts are to be comprehended from the internet.

There are three fundamental ways to summarize an article. They are:

  • By abstracting the summary, and
  • By extracting the summary.

To summarize a text by abstracting the summary, a process similar to manual summary making is applied. Here, the original text is reduced by first extracting the important words and phrases in the text and then rephrasing them or representing them with new – but appropriate – words.

This method of summary making is very productive as it harnesses an advanced AI technique and is able to generate well-structured and grammatically accurate summaries.

On the other hand, making a summary by extracting it from the original text only involves highlighting basic (but important) facts from the main text and then combining the extracted words to form a shorter version. Most often than not, the components of the summaries are usually the most reoccurring and emphasized words within the text.

However, not every summary done by simply extracting facts from a main article contains grammatically correct phrases and sentences. Some summarized sentences may still need to be proofread to check their accuracy.

If the summary you’re making is for formal and professional purposes, it is best you use summarizers that works by abstracting instead of extracting the summaries. This is because the summary you’ll obtain by extraction may contain grammatical errors which is very unprofessional. If you’re also summarizing for academic or testing purposes, it is equally best to summarize by abstracting the summary as the outcome can be very similar to summaries made by humans.

If you’re still wondering how automatic article summarizers would be of advantage to you, read on to understand their importance and why you should use them.

  • It cuts down on the overall time required to read through any text and article.
  • For auditors and analysts, text summarizers serve to make their jobs easier and less time-consuming.
  • Abstracts for research papers and books can be easily and accurately generated using automatic summarizers.
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