13 Essential Skills Needed to Be an Architect

There is no doubt about it, if you are trying to market your architect brand, there is nothing more crucial than social media. Sure, there are some great portfolio websites out there that you can use but these will not necessarily put your business directly in front of potential customers. They might find it on their own but you need to be doing more to get your brand right in front of those that might be looking for your services. 

Whether they are searching for Architects in Essex, Manchester or Birmingham, your customers need to know you exist before they find somebody else that has made full use of social media to get to them before you do. 

Choose the Right Social Media Platforms

Monitoring and maintaining too many social media platforms is time-consuming and in many cases, not worth the trouble. It is a balancing act of making sure you are using the most effective social media platforms and therefore being more efficient with your time. In general, the most popular social media platforms will be the right choice for you.

LinkedIn is great for creating a more professional image of yourself and your brand but might not be the best place to attract business. If you wanted a platform that will allow you to showcase your work, image-based platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest will be some good options. Twitter is a great platform due to its popularity and would be best used for sharing news, press releases and updates in one-line fashion.

Generate Valuable and Unique Content 

You should always have a strategy when it comes to the content that you will be creating and sharing. Without one, you are likely to cause confusion among your audience if you have no solid aim. Think well ahead about what you are going to post, where you are going to post it and the sort of value that it will be for both your audience and your brand.

It is also important to keep any content fairly short as most people to view social media posts skip past anything that is too long. For an architect firm, this works out perfectly as images with a few words is ideal. 

Consider Using Paid Media

If you do not already have a large following or even if you do, you should consider using paid advertising. There is little point creating quality content if it is not going to be seen by potential customers/clients. By investing in paid advertising such as Facebook or LinkedIn ads, your content will be put in front of people that fit your desired target audience. 

You can then potentially increase followers, subscribers and hopefully new leads for your business. You might just have your paid ad put in front of somebody that has been looking for Architects North London, Essex, Kent or wherever your business is located.

Get Posting

Now that you have a better idea of the power of social media for your business, why not put into practice the tips that have provided above. You can guarantee that you will start to see far more success than you are now if not making the best use of social media for your marketing.

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