Nowadays everyone is interested in watching various series, anime and movies. Finding movies to download just after the releasing dates can be difficult. In this case you can take help of torrentz 2. A torrent has a lot of benefit and you can easily download the films that you want from this. There are various torrent sites that are available online you can choose according to your preference.


Benefits of using torrent are:

  • Find any file – no matter what file you want, all are available on torrent. People go for various anime seasons, new movies, dramas, plays, etc. With the help of torrent you don’t have to wait for all the episodes as you can directly download all back to back seasons and episodes here. This will not limit your fun and you can enjoy your series together. There are many dramas that are banned in some countries. If you want to watch them you can easily get the download link through torrent.
  • Continue download – there are many times when you are downloading any movie and your system accidently shuts off or the power cut is there. In this case, downloading fails and you have to start downloading it again. When you are downloading any series or movie in torrent you can prevent this situation. Any accidental shut down of your system will pause the download and you can continue the downloading task whenever you switch your computer on.
  • Fast download – downloading bigger files takes a lot of time and this can be really frustrating sometimes especially when you are excited about the movies. When you download any file from torrent it supports fast downloading option. You can even choose the file size which you want to download in that particular movie. This makes the task much faster and simple.


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