What do you do when you get seriously injured on the job? It can be a scary time and you can feel completely alone in what you are suffering from. You don’t understand how much workmen’s compensation is going to cover and if you’ll ever be able to go to work again. Most cases do not end up with a personal injury lawyer unless it is an act that is intentional on your employer’s end or if you work on a vessel or railroad, you can sue.

When a Lawyer isn’t Generally Needed

If you get injured at work and it is a minor injury, or it heals easily, you may not need a lawyer. Some reasons you won’t need one are:

-No extensive medical treatment is needed
-You go back to work in a timely fashion
-No permanent injuries were sustained.

When to Hire a Lawyer

Sometimes you need to call someone like Jodie Ann Phillips Polich, P.C. or another personal injury lawyer. If you are having any arbitrary disputes with the company that you are dealing with to claim insurance, hire a lawyer. Personal injury law firms have the resources necessary to investigate a claim fully with their private investigators. You may need an expert witness or a second medical opinion which your law firm can set up for you.

More Reasons to Get Personal Legal Representation

If your claim has been denied by the insurance company, you should retain counsel. Sometimes an insurance company will try to say you had a pre-existing condition and your injury is not from work. They may also say you filed too late.

Permanent Disability

If you are filing for permanent disability and it gets denied, you should seek the advice of a professional. There is a rating assigned to permanent disability cases which determines how much money you will receive. Your doctor may set a rating and the insurance company disagrees. Legal counsel can help you get a fair assessment of your injuries and in the end, get you more money. Independent medical examiners tend to give much lower ratings. A lawyer can speak to the judge on your behalf to get you what is fair and just for your pain and suffering.

You Actually Do Have a Pre-existing Condition Where You Were Injured

If you already have an injury, in the area you were hurt, it is much harder to win your case. The insurance company will do everything in their power to say the entire injury is not work-related. They may even outright blame you and accuse you of lying about being hurt on the job. Nobody wants to deal with that battle alone.

More Situations to Retain Counsel

Your condition may have developed over time instead of one single event. These are known as repetitive stress injuries. If you are having trouble getting the much-needed treatment you need because it is costly, a lawyer can assist in getting the insurance company to approve treatments easier than if you are on your own.

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