An alcohol-based marijuana extract is known as a tincture, which is a kind of cannabis. Cannabis tincture have been increasingly popular among marijuana users because they’re a discreet way of intake and they can be made by hand.

It is possible to make cannabis tincture at home by simply soaking and straining dried cannabis plant material in high-proof alcohol. Sublingually (under the tongue), the liquid is ingested for intoxication or to cure the many conditions for which marijuana is currently prescribed.

And although marijuana tinctures comprise an edible type of marijuana, they operate faster than standard edibles such as brownies or gummies. If consumed appropriately, the benefits of cannabis tinctures may start in just a few minutes, as opposed to the normal hour or more with weed edibles. It’s because the oral tissue underneath the tongue permits the cannabinoids to travel directly into a vein, rather than going through all the digestive system to enter the blood system.

To treat and sustain health there used to be pharmaceuticals, herbal treatments were common. Back in the old days, herbal medicines were a popular form of those remedies.

When it comes to using marijuana for medicinal or recreational purposes, tinctures have become a common form of consumption.

How is it made?

A marijuana tincture can be made in two ways. There is a hot and cold method.

It is the most common and chilly technique. During this step, the cannabis is placed in a jar of high-proof alcohol. After that, the liquor soaks the cannabis, which is then filtered and thrown away after several weeks of daily shaking.

In the hot procedure, or “green dragon” approach, cannabis is soaked in alcohol. The heat is mostly applied to a stovetop. Despite the potential for drug degradation and the risk of fire from boiling alcohol over a flame, this method is gaining popularity due to its speed.

  • Use a grinder to break down the cannabis or cannabis flower.
  • In a 220-degree oven, heat the flower for one hour to decarboxylate it.
  • In a jar with a tight-fitting cover, soak the pulverized, endogenously produced plant in fresh produce liquor (three to five portions alcohol to mix 1 flower).
  • After two weeks, shake the mixture 2 or 3 times a day to ensure that all the ingredients are evenly dispersed.
  • Using a coffee filter or sieve, remove the flower and put the tinctures inside a container with a medicine dropper.
  • Before using, shake well and store in a dry, cool location.

Few things to prepare in making a Marijuana tincture:

  • A device for grinding up herbs.
  • A cooking device
  • Cannabinoids from marijuana or hemp flowers (ethanol)
  • An epinephrine injection needle
  • Filter
  • Capsule with a tight seal

How is it used?

Oral dosing of Marijuana Tincture with a medication syringe or pumping spray is the most usual method. For a regular dosage, 2-three drops or 1-2 sprays is recommended, with an intoxication time of between two and four hours. Adding this mixture to meals or the other liquid is a common application.

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