Pivoting doors are quickly taking over the Modern Iron Door market. Unlike traditional doors, pivoting doors are not hinged to the doorway. Instead, they are mounted on a swinging pivot in the middle of the doorway which allows them to swivel open. These doors are becoming in vogue, but work best with a wide doorway.


Square iron doors resemble traditional, wooden doors in their rectangular design. These are the best option if you don’t want to expand or change the shape of you doorway. Most manufacturers sell Modern Iron Doors in standard doorframe sizes and some even can make custom fits!


Round iron doors add a layer of elegance and something of an old world charm to your home. These door have rounded tops which give a sense of movement and fluidity to your home. Unlike with square iron doors, unless your pre-existing doorframe is rounded, you will need to have a carpenter make some alterations to the frame. Make sure to consider the architectural style of your home before adding a rounded iron door. These doors work best in homes that have, or will have, strong aesthetic—whether modernist or classic old world.


Double iron doors are just like square or round, but there are two of them! These doors open from the center and are hinged against the frame like traditional doors. Why have two doors when just one will do? Having double iron doors opens up the space they adjoin. A living room, kitchen, or patio will feel much more open when a whole section of wall opens up. Like pivot iron doors, these will have to be custom fitted and the frame will need to be altered. Make sure to have a carpenter assess your wall before hand. A double door can’t take the place of structural elements.

Mixed Material

The Modern Iron Door market is changing rapidly from the early days of simple wrought iron gates. Today, you can get any combination of materials you can think of. Iron and glass are the most common. These combination functions like a much more elegant storm door and is versatile enough to fit in any home. Iron and wood add a classic touch and are best suited for rustic homes for the harmony or modern, artistic homes for the contrast.

With the great variety of iron doors available today, you have no shortage of choices when it comes to upgrading your home. Think about the designs here and your goals for your home and soon you’ll have the iron doorway of your dreams!

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