An Italian Man , manufacturer, Geax, presents a brand new technology in 2010, a technology that is determined to the look and output of its tubeless steering wheel covers. This tubeless technology for bikes is comparable to the main one combined with the covers combined with cars, so that it does not make use of an inner tube to inflate the tyres.

The TubeNoTube technologies are available for both the kevlar covers but for the UST ones. Fraxel treatments utilizes a 120 TPI situation for that Mix Country steering wheel covers along with a 60 TPI one for that All Mountain and Enduro ones. What is an essential with this particular technology is it does not make use of the same rubber for that interior lining, making the steering wheel covers lighter.

The lateral sides possess a protective layer of nylon, that is very resistant. This layer makes your covers very resistant against snakebites, cuts also it ensures a really high stability having a really low pressure. Also, they’re much lighter compared to classic tubeless steering wheel covers.

Another innovation is always that these covers are utilized with PitStop slugs or with liquid latex, producing a really low inflating pressure, a really high stability in curves, in the truth that the advantage from the cover is extremely well jointed towards the steering wheel as well as in a significantly simpler inflation process if you use the classic pump. A PitStop slug only contains thirty-five grams of froth and 60 grams of liquid latex. However, this isn’t always a brand new idea, that relating to Schwalbe supplying a similar solution.

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