A pair of rings allows a loving couple to feel a special closeness even before the wedding and realizes that their life together will soon change drastically. It is important to know what an unusual engagement ring looks like and how it differs from other options. The Black Diamond Ring is surely one of them.

Rings for couples: Outstanding models

You can choose only those who think that the design of the decoration is important. Engagement rings with diamonds are considered a classic option, so they are especially popular. In any case, the decoration should be a symbol of true love for the couple.

How to choose engagement rings

To choose a very gold ring for a marriage proposal, you need to find out the size of your loved one’s finger, look at the jewelry models she is wearing, go ahead with the material, product design. Independently determine the size, model and brand of such an important decoration is not easy, so it is important that all men listen to the following tips:

Mark the amount: Engagement rings come in different price categories, so they are suitable for any wallet.

Determine the size of the finger: This can be done by temporarily taking the girl’s ring, asking about the size of her close friends and relatives for the photo.

Take a closer look at your future wife’s jewelry style: You need to know the taste of the girl, what kind of jewelry she will like, whether it will go with other gems. Find out which metals he prefers silver, platinum, yellow, white or red gold. Find out if your girlfriend is allergic to any element.

Understand stones: The weight of diamonds is measured in carats. 1 carat – 0.2 g Consider the quality of the cut, size, the presence of natural inclusions and the color of the gems.

Engagement Rings for Couples - ADAGIO

Material of the Ring

It will not be revealed that the most popular material for an engagement ring is gold. It is available in three types:

  • Red gold products are, as a rule, the most profitable, and white the most expensive.
  • You just need to pay attention to the pattern. For example, the 999.9 test (pure gold) is too soft, and therefore short-lived, it can literally bend with your fingers.
  • Choosing a ring, pay attention to what kind of gold your girl prefers to wear. Maybe all of her jewelry has a certain style, so it makes sense to buy a ring from the right material.
  • Many girls today prefer to wear white gold jewelry; it looks elegant and has a noble color. However, there are some subtleties. Nickel or palladiums are added to achieve the desired color.
  • Keep in mind that the composition of the product is often not written in full, and this can be important if the selected person is allergic, so I recommend contacting the seller.
  • Palladium is a precious metal and is hypoallergenic. Nickel can cause allergies, redness of the skin.

A common solution is also the choice of platinum, this metal is more valuable than gold, but its color may not be to everyone’s taste, compared to white zloty, and platinum has a dirty gray color.

If a girl prefers silver jewelry, then this metal will work too. Classic and appropriate in any case, there will be an option where one diamond is placed on a thin gold engagement ring. Diamonds also have their own characteristics, for example, their color can be both light yellow and brown, and the most valuable is considered transparent.

Junk stones:

  • Pearls, he is believed to embody tears
  • Opal, according to beliefs, can bring bad luck
  • Ruby – blood
  • The diamond baby symbolizes broken love

Choosing the size of the stone (mostly diamond), do not chase the size, a large stone will be awkward and may look bulky. One, two or three small stones will surely look laconic, but at the same time elegant and tasteful.

Classic design is a thin gold ring, with predominantly one or more diamonds. The so-called, modern design, stones of non-standard colors are already used here (by the way, there are also colored diamonds, but their price is rising). Art-design is vintage rings or those that use non-standard materials (wood, steel, etc.). By the way, earlier the young man gave the ring as a sign of engagement, which he inherited by inheritance. This tradition is not as popular as before.

The Custom of Giving a Ring in Ancient Days

In fact, there was also a tradition in ancient days, called “conspiracy,” when the groom was to give an ornament to his bride. This ritual, by the way, is more important than the wedding itself. He later teamed up with a wedding ceremony, where the newlyweds exchange rings, and the “conspiracy” is a thing of the past.

How to choose a ring for a marriage proposal?

Choosing the right ring implies a mandatory study of the available catalog. It is believed that the best engagement ring should be fashionable and girl-like. In addition, the engagement ring box should complement the jewelry in style.

It is recommended to take into account the age of the girl, For example, young ladies will be satisfied if they get a cheap classic engagement ring. However, older women will be welcome only in an expensive ring, which is characterized by a massive execution and a large gem. You can choose an interesting engagement ring with stones or cubic zirconia. It is believed that the ring must be present diamond. It is a precious stone, which symbolizes sincere and pure love.

It is important to decide on the design of the rings and the precious metal. It is recommended to take into account the personal preferences of the bride. The best option is a gold ring. Also often choose jewelry from other types of gold. If a girl loves silver, you can choose a silver ring for a marriage proposal. Many women are sensitive to gifts from their loved ones; they know what an engagement ring is. This is why they often prefer to wear a wedding ring as well.

It is desirable that the jewelry in combination with each other in shape and performance was comfortable knowing that the ring for the proposal is called engagement; it is difficult to overestimate the value of such jewelry.

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