Are you a proud owner of a boat or yacht, and yet in dilemma about how to carry your yacht in the season of thunders and storm across the water when relocating!? Do not worry. You can always ship your yacht. Yes, you heard it right. It is very common for people to ship their water vehicles when they are relocating, instead of sailing it themselves, especially if the weather conditions are harsh.

Now if you are wondering whether your precious boat will be safe with a boat shipping company or not, then the answer is again a yes. Auto transport companies like Ship a Car, Inc are reliable, trustworthy and have the experience in shipping any form road vehicles or watercrafts in their professional careers with ease. They will pick up your yacht from your doorstep and deliver it at your destination in a perfect condition.

Benefits of shipping the watercraft

Shipping your yacht in a cargo trailer is eventually much safer and will result in much lesser wear and tear than what it will bear when sailed for thousands of miles across the oceans. Some of the benefits of shipping instead of sailing are:

  • Even if the wind is favorable, long distances in the ocean can produce a significant amount of wear in the engine system of the yacht.
  • You could face sudden weather challenges that could be hard on the crew as well as your watercraft.
  • Sailing is a very time consuming task and you might need to set aside your work commitments for longer period of time.
  • Sailing can be a challenge both in terms of logistics and safety.

Pre-pick up steps

Although it is very safe to ship a watercraft, you can still take certain steps before your watercraft is picked up to ensure further safety of your most cherished yacht. Some of the steps are listed below:

  • Empty the water tanks and leave only enough fuel that is necessary for offloading at the time of boarding.
  • Instead of asking the company to pick it up from your doorstep, it is advisable that you drive it yourself to the boarding site.
  • Remove the backstay as you know how to do it in the best and fastest possible way because of your familiarity with your watercraft. Backstay is known to cause hindrances during lifting.
  • Make a note of strong points on your yacht where the shipping company can lash your boat.
  • In the end, turn off its AIS and disconnect its batteries.
  • Either wrap up the yacht shrink or ensure all the canvas as well as the hull has been removed.
  • Ensure that the entire shipping process is well covered under an insurance policy.

You can be at peace when you choose a reliable and licensed auto transport company in your area. Do ensure that the company has at least a decade of experience in shipping luxurious vehicles. Also check their safety track record. Your watercraft will be delivered in excellent shape while you can board a flight comfortably.

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