Raising a struggling teen with severe behavioral issues can be exhausting and emotionally draining. Many parents find themselves shuttling from school meetings with their troubled teen’s teachers and principal to more meetings with therapists, all while trying to help their troubled teen participate positively in family life. This can take a huge toll on the whole family. If you have tried everything you can think of to help your struggling teen turn his life around with no results, it is time to consider a more intensive solution like West Ridge Academy. Our facilities are designed for parents that don’t know where else to turn and can help teens with issues like aggression, anxiety, depression, defiance, low self-esteem or substance abuse. Because the adolescent years are a time of major social and emotional growth, kids with behavioral issues are putting themselves at risk for negatively impacting their healthy development. Unfortunately, today’s teenage boys and girls are inundated with social pressures. With the Internet, these pressures have become an even stronger force, leading many adolescent boys and girls towards aggressive and often unlawful behaviors.

Some of the things that affect teens include:

§ 4 percent of Utah teens experiment with illicit drugs.

§ 11 percent report abusing alcohol and 5 percent binge drink.

§ Utah is 5th in the nation for teen suicide.

§ In 2016, 1,839 babies were born to teen girls under 20.

§ 8.3 percent of Utah children are diagnosed with ADHD each year.

§ A 2017 report from The U.S. Department of Justice showed that there were 49 juvenile arrests for aggravated assault, 680 juvenile arrests for robbery and 482 juvenile arrests for drug abuse.

§ Utah reports a current 84.8% high school graduation rate.

Our programs focus on the individual needs of the struggling teens at hand. That way, the troubled teen will be able to receive all the help the teen needs at our school. Rather than having to constantly hunt for those professionals who have experience working with troubled teens, you can be reassured when you send your teen to our school in West Jordan, Utah. The professionals at our school are all experienced in working with troubled teens and understand the balance of firmness with positivity that troubled teens need to move forward with their lives. If you would like to start the healing process for your family and have your teen attend a top-notch facility for troubled teens, then contact us today in West Jordan, Utah. We are ready to help your family become whole again.

West Ridge Academy provides help for troubled teens in West Jordan, Utah. If you are looking to improve your child’s life and your relationship contact us for help with teens.

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