Let us assume that there is a land-based casino A and an online casino B in your region. People who love to visit a land-based gambling center and those who do not know about an online casino would go to A even without any marketing efforts from that company. As there will be no or little competitors for the land-based entity, it would be known to people anyway. However, the same scenario will not be there for B as it operates online. Although its region may be the same as yours, the web is common for everyone. So, the competitors of B will be more. So, B should provide some benefits to the new and existing customers to beat the increasing competition. Hence, it will offer a range of bonuses for different reasons to all its customers. It is the scenario of online casino bonuses that one could get from every website like w88 club out there. The following are some of such bonuses offered by gambling websites for promotional purposes. 

Range of bonuses offered by the gambling websites for promotion

Welcome bonus

People who join the gambling website for the first time and depositing it will get this welcome bonus. Usually, the welcome bonuses offered by online casinos will be dependent on the size of the deposit made by the player. If the casino is ready to offer 100% of the deposit as a reward for the player’s addition to the site, the player will get all of the deposit amounts back. So, he can play with twice his deposit. Since it attracts new people to join the website, almost all casinos offer this bonus. 

Cashback bonus

It will be available to claim for some players who could not win a game even in continuous attempts. For instance, if the player is facing losses consecutively for five games and loses $250 in total. A casino website that offers 10% of the lost amount will give the player $25 as a motivational cashback. However, you could not expect this kind of bonus in all casinos. 

Regular bonuses

As the name suggests, every online casino will give regular bonuses to all its customers. There will not be any specific occasion or reason for this bonus. You will get it unexpectedly. 

Seasonal bonuses

These are special bonuses offered to the customers of the casino during some special occasions or seasons. Let us assume that the casino celebrates its anniversary. So, it may give bonuses to all customers. Likewise, you may expect bonuses during festival seasons like Christmas and Halloween. 

Referral bonus

It is another common type of bonus offered to casino customers who could bring in some new customers to the website. Usually, there will be a fixed bonus amount for each referral and you can bring as many people as you can. Once the newcomer completes his deposit, you can get the bonus. The size of the bonus will differ with different casinos.

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