About 10 percent of Montana residents reported past-month illicit drug use in a 2008 research. The state average was 8 percent.

Abuse rates in Montana may be sky-high, but people are taking the next steps toward getting treatment. Most people admitted to drug rehab in Montana received treatment for drugs like Marijuana, Amphetamine, Heroin, Other opiates, as well as prescription drugs, and Cocaine 

Drug smuggling from Canada is the main source of Montana’s drug supply. The state’s intricate highway structure allows drug traffickers to hide their efforts while transporting drugs across state lines. Most of the drugs that come in from Canada consist of crystal meth, cocaine, and heroin.

Besides, Montana’s rural and mountainous landscape – including national forests and grasslands – provide traffickers with ample chance to avoid detection while growing marijuana.

There are two key ways marijuana is illegally cultivated in Montana:

  • Indoor cultivation: Many in-state growers cover their activities under Montana’s medical marijuana law, which permits the at-home cultivation of up to six mature plants and 12 seedlings.
  • Outdoor cultivation: This cultivation method spiked in 2010 due to operations controlled by Mexican drug trafficking organizations on public lands.

When the marijuana is ready for distribution, it’s passed out at the retail level to residents outside of restaurants, bars, and even in homes. Teenagers in Montana are especially susceptible to the temptation to experiment with marijuana. They’ll usually need to try it just once, but then it turns into a long-term abuse cycle. In fact, in 2012, Montana ranked number nine for teenage marijuana use.

There’s no better time than the current to put your addiction to an end.

Addiction Treatment Centers in Montana

Getting treatment for addiction is likely one of the significant decisions you or your loved one will ever make. With so many options available in Montana and across the U.S., figuring out which rehab is right for you can be overwhelming.

The United Recovery Project is just one of many residential rehabs in Montana to select from. It provides personalized care based on a “whole person” treatment approach, rather than treating the addiction alone.

Treatment options offered by the Montana drug rehab may include:

  • Group therapy: Twice-daily group counseling sessions designed to uncover the root causes of addiction and deal with temptations in the future
  • Individual counseling: Weekly visits with a primary counselor, based on the requirements of the patient
  • Spiritual awareness: Establishing positive self-esteem, self-awareness, and a sense of purpose for patients in a group and individual environment. 
  • Twelve-step programs: A recovery support group based on the Twelve-Step program viewpoint
  • Educational lectures: Informational presentations and group discussions concerning the stages of addiction and recovery
  • Recreational amenities: These consist of fitness programs and activities offered on-site. 

Most individuals choose a Montana drug addiction treatment center that’s convenient to them without weighing other options. But by doing so, you might be missing out on getting the personalized treatment that you deserve. This is why people travel across the country to attend addiction treatment centers in Montana. Broadening your treatment choices to other locations besides your home state allows you to be much more selective. You’ll increase your opportunity to pick the right rehab center that’ll assist you in beating your addiction for good.

Let our treatment providers help you start your journey to recovery. Contact us now to get matched with top Montana drug and alcohol treatment centers across the country.

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