Every successful self-made businessman has to start from somewhere. Those who put in the time and effort to make their dream come true earn their spot at the top. The story of famed Utah-based businessman, Jim Mayoros is one that will inspire generations to seek success.

Who Is James Mayoros?

James, also known as Jim Mayoros is well-known within the state of Utah but was actually born and raised in Hesperia, CA. It was only after his high school years did he move to Utah where he attended Utah Valley & Dixies Universities. To continue his education, he worked to earn his degree in Business Leadership from Ohio University.

The Family Man

One aspect of Jim’s life that he cherishes the most is his family. He first met his wife in Provo, Utah and they tied the knot back in 1997. Today, he and his wife have settled in St. George, Utah where they live and raise their beautiful family.

His family is his continued inspiration to develop St. George and the surrounding areas to make it family-friendly, perfect for a peaceful upbringing.

Mayoros’ Careers

Long before Jim became one of Utah’s most prominent businessmen, he started with very simple beginnings. Jim’s first job, which he held for two years was as a salesman for Terminix Pest Control, a local pest control company in Utah.

Although he was excellent at his job, this was where James Mayoros first noticed the dire need for more jobs. In fact, crisis brought on by the lack of jobs available for his fellow locals perturbed him and propelled him to start his very own pest control company: Sure Shot Pest.

With his company, James was able to provide jobs for hardworking individuals. Not long after serving clients in Utah, he expanded his services for Las Vegas-based clients, allowing him to hire more people. Without a doubt, Sure Shot Pest became a success which turned Mayoros from a small-town employee doing his best to provide for his family to a self-made businessman helping others attain a stable job.

Former And Current Ventures

Thanks to Jim’s growing success, he was able to expand his business from the pest control industry. He first set his sights on the purchase of a failing landscaping company with the help of his former college roommate. This decision proved once again fruitful as Mayoros was able to turn the business around and even lead to its expansion.

Once the landscaping business was successful enough to stand on its own, Jim sold it and began to invest in the current venture.

Today he is the proud owner of Pirate Pizza Island which is located in St. George and Orem, Utah. Jim has also announced that his company is currently renovating the St. George RV Park and Splash City in Southern Utah in the hopes the doors will open by the summer of 2020.

Aside from the Southern Utah location, Jim also plans to open a Splash City location in his hometown of Hesperia, CA. For more information about James and his projects, visit his newly launched official website: http://www.jimmayoros.com/.

Learn more about Jim Mayoros at JimMayoros.com. Visit the website and find out about James Mayoros early business ventures, vocational endeavors, and current projects such as the St. George RV Park and Splash City Adventure Park.

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