Luxury watches come with certain criteria for their maintenance. If it’s not explicitly stated that it’s waterproof, don’t let it get wet, and don’t change the strap without proper instruction. 

Most brands have instructions for replacing the straps; some even come with an extra one when you purchase. You can swap the old one when you want a change.

There are some general guidelines that work for changing the straps for all of them, and we’ll list them in this article. 

7 Steps for Changing The Strap of Your Luxurious Watch

Changing the strap can get complicated at times. So, to make the process easier, you can use the following guidelines when switching to a new strap:

Protect Your Watch Face With Tape

So that your watch doesn’t get scratched, you’ll need to protect it with tape. First, you have to wrap the tape around the watch’s face and ensure that you protect the back where the battery is located so that your strap removal tools do not scratch the watch. Then, lay the watch down with the watch face resting on top of a soft surface such as fabric or a cushion. 

Get a Pair of Tweezers

To be able to separate your old watch strap without damaging the new ones, you’d need tweezers. Some expensive watch designs like the rolex starbucks have retractable rods that hold the strap to the watch face. So, you must carefully press down on both ends of this rod to remove it. Special tweezers help with that. Once you successfully use them to remove the strap, you can then begin attaching a new one. 

You can alternatively get special strap-changing tools instead. 

What to do With a Chain Strap ?

If it’s a chain strap, you can adjust the size of the chain by first placing the tweezers into the lugs of the hook and then removing it. After that, keep the hook aside and measure the length that fits you before using the tweezers to remove excess chains from both sides and then proceeding to reattach the hooks back the same way you attach a new strap.

Remove the Spring Bar From The Old Strap

Once you’ve successfully removed the old strap, you should carefully take out the spring bar from it. Then put it into your new watch strap by carefully threading it into the strap. After this, go ahead and attach the new watch strap. Press on both ends of the rod with tweezers and place them between the lugs of the watch face.

You can go for a lot of fun choices for your additional straps, depending on the occasion. But make sure that if your watch is a daily accessory, you have the perfect straps for work and casual outings. You can get as versatile as you want with strap choices, and you can buy extra straps from the brand you purchased your watch, or simply find a vendor online with unique colors for special outings. 

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