Many people believe that therapy is something for crazy people, who do not need, because it is not crazy, anyway, arguments abound to “escape” therapy.Unfortunately, because of this prejudice, many people end up missing the opportunity to get in touch with important internal issues that need to be addressed.

If a person falls, gets injured and bleeds, they usually run to the hospital with physical trauma evident, wide open for all to see. So we understand that people find exposed fractures more “justifiable” when seeking help.

  • The question is: And when is the “fracture” not exposed?
  • When is the injury extremely painful and invisible?
  • How many and how many people choose to go over a traumatic childhood or stressful event because they think they have to be strong?

We know that society charges that. We know that what counts today is production. If a person shows his ills, indirectly (to society) he is showing that his production may be at risk. And this is inadmissible. For the Havening Sheffield you can also find the deals.

Who spoke?

Who said looking inside is inadmissible? Who says that to be good you have to handle it yourself. Who cannot seek help?

The risk of taking contents, putting in a container and closing is very high. Everything that is dull, closed, and “forgotten” tends to rot. If you take a wet towel, put it in a bucket, put a board on top and drop it hidden in the laundry, after a few weeks it will be rotten!

The tendency to hide content, to pretend that it makes no difference and that over time things settle on their own, or to believe that just a conversation with a friend helps is risky. Apart from that, as I said in another post, people are becoming increasingly needy and sometimes a conversation becomes a danger as the other may not resist and deposit their content into the conversation and you may leave even more charged with “ attempt ”to vent.

The psychologist exists for this. Studies and seeks to expand their knowledge always in order to assist the patient in this walk. The sessions are developed in partnership, psychologist seek to work together on the patient’s inner universe, including simple and effective strategies to put into practice in order to provide more and more tools to strengthen the person. Within what she needs and makes sense to her.

Most people imagine that the value of each session is absurd. Not quite. Many people can adapt the value of the sessions to their pockets. You may need to do a little research. But that gives.


Many psychologists open places for social care, where value is symbolic. Not to mention Colleges and Universities where, in the residency program, students perform free attendances under supervision. There are also NGOs and Associations that provide professionals to serve society. That is, there are a number of possibilities for access to care.

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