When you got to a doctor, you expect them to deal with your ailment in an effective and thoroughly professional way. To have your hopes dashed and your health put in even greater danger is not part of the implicit agreement between patient and physician. They are required to provide you with the medical advice and treatment that conforms to state-mandated standards. You agree to follow the advice and protocols they have laid out. When this implicit agreement is broken, when your doctor does not live up to their end of it, disaster is the result. You can fall victim to medical malpractice. This occurs when you or someone you love are injured as the result of the incompetence, recklessness, or neglect of your physician.

The mishandling of the birth of your baby is one of the most serious kinds of medical malpractice. If you were not given the right information or treatment in pre-natal care or the medical team made errors when delivering your baby, the consequences can be devastating. Cerebral palsy is a brain injury that occurs at or near birth. Your child may develop CP if their brain is deprived of oxygen or they suffer through placental abruption when born. The effects of cerebral palsy include lack of balance, muscle tone, problems with vision, hearing, speaking, swallowing, and touch sensation. The condition is most often attributed to physician error or negligence.

If your physician’s negligence or incompetence has led to CP in your child, then they must be held accountable. It is their duty to know their jobs and to be diligent and intelligent about assessing the condition of their patients and bringing them back to health. When the opposite is the result of their endeavors, then they can cause real harm. As the victim of such a person’s incompetence or negligence, you have every right to take legal action.

All medical physicians have insurance. They must have this coverage before they can treat patients. If your baby has developed cerebral palsy as a result of medical malpractice, they will need to be treated for it, and this can cost a great deal of money. You should not have to shoulder the burden all alone. The physician whose incompetence led to the CP should also be held responsible. Ultimately, it is their insurance company that should be compelled to pay. Hiring an indiana cerebral palsy lawyer will help you get a fair and adequate settlement from them.

Going up against an insurance company is always tough. They are sure to put up a fight. However, you need not be intimidated or silenced by these corporate giants. Right is on your side, and the lawyer you hire will ensure that the facts of your case are gathered and presented in the right light. Watching your child suffer is difficult. But you can make the right people pay for what they have done, and you attorney is the key to making this happen for you, your child, and your family.

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