There are almost 30,000 different wasp species on this earth and they all vary in their colors, size, habits, and also their relationship with our ecosystem. You can find them from ordinary browns and yellows to bright blues and reds, wasps can be astonishingly diverse and they have also a wide-ranging relationship with many other creatures.

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Here we will discuss briefly a few wasps that you may find in your surroundings.

  • Yellowjackets

In the USA, they are the most aggressive wasp species available. Most of them have golden and black patterns, however, quite a few having white in place of yellow and also with red markings too.

  • Northern paper wasps

Mostly you will find such wasp nests hanging from various trees They usually get their name from whatever material they use for making their nests, usually they are regurgitated wood pulp along with saliva.

  • Mud dauber

These wasps are solitary types of wasps having slender bodies, usually have yellow markings with yellowish wings. They will get their name from what they dwell in like mud where they will dig nests.

  • European hornet

They are large insects having blackheads and sometimes with red markings. Their abdomens can be a typical yellow and black pattern. They may appear quite scary, but they are a defensive type of creatures and never attack unless threatened.

  • Bald-faced hornet

They have a stout body with black and white color. Usually, their heads and the upper parts are black. They can be extremely aggressive and may sting repeatedly in case they feel that their nest is in danger.

  • The jewel wasp

These wasps are usually very beautiful looking and hence are called jewel wasp and have gem-like coloring. This wasp may easily be called one of the most fascinating and mysterious of all other wasp species.

  • Cuckoo wasp

These wasps are usually associated with cuckoos as like these birds, also these wasps never build their nests. Instead, they prefer to lay their eggs in some other nests made by other wasps and also steal their foods to feed their own larvae.

  • Yak killers

Yak Killer wasp will have sufficient venom to kill any large animal with its single sting. It is quite an aggressive type of wasp that can kill around 40 people in Japan almost every day.

  • Cicada killers

You will find these cicada killers quite scary and may sound as if they have just flown out of any horror movie. They rather prefer to use their sting just to maim but not to kill. They will paralyze their victims, as big as cockroaches.

Some kinds of wasps are just like bees and jump from one flower to another flower for nectar, and become a primary pollination source. Most flowers are dependent on these insects to spread their pollen everywhere. You can hire any pest control Manchester if you want to eradicate wasp from your home. 

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