Now a days the need for a cleaner app has become prominent. As there are lot of information and technologies near the tip of our hand, we are curious about exploring them more and more with the us of our Android devices mostly. While exploring them automatically our Android gets drain. It may lose its performance speed, the storage space and the functionality of the battery and the CPU and many more. To overcome all the above problems now there is a simple and easy method. That is to have a cleaner app in your Android. CCleaner is one of the most trusted cleaner apps by most of the Android users all over the world. So, here I am going to discuss some of the key points regarding this nice cleaning and the boosting tool CCleaner.

CCleaner is a free application available on Google Play Store. If your device has play store use it to install latest official version of free. Use AC Market or Aptoide (Play Store alternative) only if your device does not have play store application.

What this CCleaner is?

As mentioned already this is a cleaner app that you can use in all your Android devices to continue its cleanliness regardless of the age of the device. The app also helps you to boost the performances and the performance speed too. The app acts mainly as a cleaner and a booster. If you have any trouble installing this application, you can try ccleaner alternatives like Clean Master or NOX Cleaner.

Cleans what?

You may wonder whether there is something to clean in the Android. The answer for sure must be “yes”. Because there are so many unwanted files getting accumulate in the Android without your knowledge with the time. These files surely affect badly on the device performance.

The cache files generating by various websites needs to clean as much as possible as they are using only for temporarily. Moreover, the residual files generate by various apps that tends to remain in the Android even after uninstalling the app needs to remove. All these files can easily remove from the device with the help of this nice tool.

In addition, sometimes there are some photos or images which are with bad-quality occupying our space. These photos also need to remove. The app finds the photos which are duplicated or unclear, bad quality photos and recommend to delete them. No need to spend time to search these photos or media files manually. The app does it for you. As well you can delete photos from your private chats also making you feel fully secure.

Addition to cleaning…

In addition to cleaning your device it acts well in boosting the speed of your device too. The app will sleep the all-unwanted background running apps and make the performance faster. As well this prevents the unnecessary battery draining too. Hence this acts as a battery saver too.

You can use this app to monitor your apps also. You can check which apps consumes more power, can check the battery percentage and also can maintain your RAM also.

If you are using this nice tool you may find that there are many more services that you can relish here thanks to this app. The app is very easy to use also. So, no need to think twice. You can easily download this from your Google Play Store or any other third-party app store and relish the benefits now!! You can install CCleaner on Android TV boxes and Firestick for free. Great for cleaning the unnecessary files created by Filelinked application, specially apk files.


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