Moving house should be one of the most exciting periods, especially if you’re moving to another state or country, starting a new life from scratch. However, instead of being excited, everyone is anxious due to the endless number of obligations waiting to be finished on time.

Apart from sorting and packing all of your items, you also need to think about transportation, as they won’t magically appear in your new home. Anyway, shipping your belongings isn’t the only transport you need to arrange. Your car is another important aspect worth of your attention.

You can drive it yourself or assign this obligation to a friend, but both you and your friend will end up wasting time and money to get the job done. The longer the distance, the longer the journey. You’ll definitely need to take some time off work as one weekend simply won’t be enough.

What can you do instead?

Well, you can hire a car transporter company, such as, to ship your vehicle to the desired location in a safe and professional manner. In this way, you’ll have one less problem to think about. However, considering the number of auto-transporters on the market, you need to be careful when making your choice.

The following tips will help you in choosing the right car transporter.

Look for online reviews

You should start by searching for clients’ reviews and testimonials online. Go to independent, verified review sites, where numerous people share their experiences with auto-transporting companies. Read as many as you can in order to get a better picture of the car transporters market.

Eliminate those companies which have more negative than positive comments and stick to the ones which have the highest rating. You can also find customers’ testimonials on the auto-transporters’ websites, but these are less reliable as no company would leave negative comments on their own webpage.

Check the shipping options

After composing a short list of potential candidates, you need to find out information on the type of services they offer by visiting their website, calling their number or sending them an email. Not all firms offer the same shipping options.

Some of them provide open transport, during which your vehicle will be exposed to different weather conditions and possible road accidents, as it’ll be placed on an open trailer along with other vehicles. People usually pick this type due to its cheaper cost.

Other firms provide enclosed transport, where your auto will be protected at all times, as they use enclosed trailers. The cost is naturally higher. Therefore, it’s used by people who own luxurious automobiles or want to avoid any potential damage to their cars.

Another factor to consider is the distance. There’re auto-transporters which only ship vehicles within a single state, while others provide shipment across various states and even to other continents. Select the ones which match your preferences and remove the ones which don’t, from your list.

Make sure insurance is included in the cost

Insurance policy is one of the essential elements to look for when hiring an auto-carrier. You should be given information on the amount of insurance coverage. Don’t settle for coverage which is lower than the real cost of your car. By having a proper insurance, all the repair expenses will be covered in the event of damage during the journey.

You should take pictures of your auto prior to getting it shipped, since they’ll serve as a proof in case of a damage. Anyway, you won’t be the only one playing on the safe side. An employee from the firm will also inspect your automobile and document all the dents to make sure the firm is protected against false claims.

Click here to read everything you need to know about auto transport insurance.

Get a quote

Once you’ve determined your needs and selected a few carriers which fit your standards, you probably have one which is your favorite. However, don’t make the mistake of getting a quote just from one carrier. You should at least get a quote from couple of transporters in order to compare prices and choose the most affordable price for your budget.

You can calculate the approximate cost by going to their websites, selecting your preferences and using their online calculator to tell you the cost. You can also call them and negotiate the price, by saying that the other firms gave you a cheaper offer. Who knows, some carriers might fall for this trick and reduce the price.

Nevertheless, don’t settle for the cheapest offer, regardless of how much appealing it seems to you. A very low quote is like a red alarm, signalizing you to step back. Although you think that you’re saving money, you’ll end up paying more money for repairs or you’ll wait months for your car to be delivered.

Select the delivery option

Auto-transporters usually pick-up and drop-off your vehicle at a local parking lot, so you are supposed to drive it there and pick it up when it’s delivered. This is the service you get for the calculated quote.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend extra money, you can have your vehicle delivered to your door, as most carriers offer door-to-door service. The cost of this additional service depends on the distance they have to pass in order to drop it off in front of your house. The longer the distance, the greater the cost.

The best option would be to pick it up yourself, provided that you have the time and means to do it.

Wrap up

When it comes to moving house, hiring the right car moving firm isn’t a factor which should be neglected. Being in a constant hurry is no excuse for hiring the first carrier you come across.

Do a thorough online research, select the services you require, make sure your vehicle is properly insured and get a quote.

It’s the only way to hire reliable professionals!

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