Many women and men are accustomed to care for hair in a fairly standard scenario: hair washing with shampoo twice, then conditioner and hair balm applying, sometimes mask using. Given the consideration to all the negative factors that affect the hair, this care will not be enough. Attempts to maintain the beauty and health of hair are hindered by the actions that we do day after day, not knowing what harm they do in Midtown Manhattan.

Shampoo should be applied to the scalp, washing hair with massaging movements. The foam that forms from the product is washed off with water along the length of the hair. In order to thoroughly rinse the hair, you do not need to bathe it in shampoo, because it eliminates scalp and roots from sebaceous secretions, while copious application can provoke fragility and dryness of hair, especially at the ends.

No matter how convenient it was, only dry hair should be combed. If you want to avoid very tangled strands, carefully comb your hair immediately before taking a shower. In this case, you only need to wash your hair with gentle movements, massaging the scalp, then the hair will not get tangled, and it will be easy for you to start styling.

Water is a conductor of the product and when you apply balms on dry hair, it is a big mistake, some strands remain unused. The composition of balms and conditioners is designed specifically for contact with water and work great without any manipulations.

To speed up the drying process, many people rub their hair with a towel after washing. This can not be done in any case!  When hair scales are closed, the hair shines, reflects light, and looks smooth and healthy. When the hair scales are damaged and open, the hair is fluffy, dull and looks bad with any styling. Just wrap your hair up lightly with a towel.

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