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The grass looks great in lawns – a green landscape is always soothing and relaxing for eyes, and it’s fun sitting in gardens with greenery everywhere. But natural grass is more of a headache and less relaxing. You may need to water it daily, maintain it, mow it, etc. That is why people look for alternatives as taking care of green is not everyone’s pie. Luckily, artificial grass is the best alternative solution for every problem. You can have a lush green garden or lawn even in your balconies and terrace. You will not need lots of maintenance, and nor you have to water it regularly – install once and enjoy. Sounds tempting?? Well, it is! If you are also in love with green lawns but don’t have time for natural grass, artificial grass will fulfill your wish. Here is all you need to know about artificial grass before making a purchase

Types of artificial grass:

Synthetic turf or artificial grass can be divided into types of material like:

  • Nylon:

It is the most vital type of artificial grass. It can withstand weather harshness and still manage its original shape, and the color does not fade with the sun’s harmful rays. It is the right choice for places with a hot climate.

  • Polyethylene:

It offers a more natural feel and texture. It can also withstand heat and durable than Nylon. It is also cheaper than Nylon.

  • Polypropylene:

It is the most affordable and the weakest option for houses as it cannot resist heavy foot traffic.

Features of Artificial Grass:

  • No need to trim:

Natural grass needs constant trimming and needs to mow. Nut artificial grass does not grow. Select the size of strands once, and it will always remain the same.

  • No need to water:

You may need regular watering to grass; otherwise, it can die. But not anymore! Artificial grass does not require any watering; it will stay green forever.

  • Safe for Kids:

Natural grass needs fertilizers and sprays, which can be harmful to toddlers. Artificial grass is safe in this sense as your children will not inhale anything dangerous like fertilizing chemicals.

  • Maintenance:

You may not need to spend heavily on maintenance. First, you may need to maintain it in months. Secondly, it hardly cost much. Even if it is torn from some places, you can replace that particular portion with a new one.

  • Cost:

Artificial grass is costly, no doubt, but it’s once in a lifetime investment. Synthetic grass stays on your lawn for long years.

  • Durable:

Turf is durable, and it can withhold heavy foot traffic.

  • Aesthetic:

Your grass will remain green for an extended time, and it will not die or change color due to weather harshness.

  • Allergic:

Synthetic turf passes from the chemical process, and it can be harmful to people with allergies. Moreover, it has a particular smell when it is new. Few people do not like it at all.


Artificial grass is a wise decision for lawns in the long term and short term. With the smart decision, shortcomings can be covered easily.

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