Jumping at the trampoline park, Perris, California is a fun way to encourage kids to stay active and exercise. Plus, it’s also the perfect way for rambunctious kids to get rid of the excess energy why have before calling it a day. However, as concerned parents, we want our kids and ourselves to remain safe while on the trampoline.

Here are a few easy safety tips to remember the next time your family is about to go to the trampoline park:

Tip 1: Jump One Person At A Time

This can be very hard to follow, but it is a must for everyone to use the trampoline one at a time. With only one user, the chances of injuries are greatly reduced.

Tip 2: Use Padding And Foam Pits

The trampoline park, Perris, California is equipped with padding and foam pits to ensure everyone jumping is protected from bumping or hitting their bodies and heads on hard surfaces. Only allow your kids to use trampolines that make use of foam pits and padding for their safety.

Tip 3: Make Falling On The Hard Ground Impossible

Aside from foam pits and paddings, look into parks that also provide trampoline users with safety gear such as a helmet. In some parks, the trampolines come with nets to prevent users from falling, in case they jump and lose their footing.

Tip 4: Discourage Tandem Or Double Jumping

Double jumping means when one user lands, another person is thrown into the air. While it seems fun and exciting, this is a very dangerous way to use the trampoline as it puts two people in danger.

Tip 5: Never Jump Without Supervision

Whether you are an adult or your child is at the park, make sure to never jump unless someone is watching. Despite all the safety precautions, it is always best if there is a person who can act quickly and accordingly in case of an accident or emergency.

Tip 6: Wear Comfortable Clothes

Avoid jumping on the trampoline in tight clothes that restrict movement. Trampolining is a good way to do cardio exercise, tight clothing can affect your breathing as well as comfort level.

Tip 7: Do Not Attempt Somersaults Or Flips (Unless You Are A Professional)

While it is tempting to show off our skills, flips, and somersaults on the trampoline is very dangerous and can lead to neck and head injuries. These tricks are better off left for trained professionals to do.

Tip 8: Empty Pockets And Remove Jewelry

Spare change, a bracelet, a watch, or even a ring can cause serious bodily harm to yourself and others in the trampoline park. Be sure to remove anything hard or sharp from your body before bouncing and enjoying it.

Tip 9: Stay Within Age-Appropriate Areas

Trampoline parks are very strict when it comes to age limits for your safety and the safety of others. It is for your safety as well as others that you and your children stay in the age-appropriate areas to avoid injuries and accidents.

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