The legal process surrounding your DUI arrest can be frustrating and confusing. Working with an experienced Costa Mesa DUI lawyer reduces stress and improves outcomes. Incorporate these tactics into your DUI defense strategy to save your driving privileges and possibly avoid jail time and other harsh penalties.

What Happens During a DUI Arrest?

If you’re found operating a vehicle while under the influence, the state begins collecting evidence to use against you in court. Having a basic understanding of the process ensures you can keep track of what’s going on in your case. This is what you can expect to happen during your California DUI arrest.

  • Law officials will confiscate your driver’s license. A notice of suspension or revocation is submitted to the DMV along with a sworn report. In conjunction with test results and statements from arresting officers, these documents form the basis of the state’s legal standing.
  • In place of your license, you will receive a temporary document that allows limited operating abilities. Getting your license back requires a fee of $125. People under 21 who are arrested under the Zero Tolerance Law are responsible for a fee of $100.
  • The Order of Suspension and Temporary License gives you 30 days of driving privileges. You must request a hearing with the DMV within 10 days of the original suspension to avoid an automatic revocation at the end of this period.

Your Costa Mesa DUI lawyer will be there to guide you through each step of this process. Know what to expect to avoid unnecessary confusion.

Four Steps to DUI Resolution

Follow these steps to ensure a swift and favorable resolution in your DUI case.

  • Request discovery from the DMV as soon as your initial hearing is scheduled. This step gives you access to all of the information the DMV plans to use against you in court. With your Costa Mesa DUI lawyer, you can review these documents for errors and omissions that could negatively impact your outcome.
  • Serve subpoenas on law enforcement agencies, crime labs, and any other organizations that have official input into your case details. These agencies may have evidence or information that is not provided to the DMV. Your subpoena allows you access to all data related to your case.
  • If you truly feel the arrest was unwarranted, consider serving a subpoena on the arresting officer. This allows you to cross examine the officer on the witness stand and examine any inconsistencies before the judge. You may also need the services of an independent forensics expert. Often, these professionals are able to find problems with testing, specimen collection, or the investigation itself that proves a wrongful arrest.
  • Take plea bargains seriously. First-time offenders are often able to take advantage of reduced sentences in exchange for substance abuse education, counseling, and community restitution.

Finally, it’s essential to always follow the advice of your Costa Mesa DUI lawyer. Find representation early for the best results in your California DUI case.

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