Sending letters to Santa is an old concept and tradition which is still going on because kids believe that Santa is real. So they choose to write a letter and send it to the north pole. Every year north pole receives millions of Santa letters that kids write. Do you know what these letters include primarily? In these letters, children have some wishes that they ask Santa to fulfill, so they write a letter and include a list of all the things that a kid desires to have in their life. You might have also written these letters when you were a kid. 

Nowadays, it has become very convenient for children because you can buy templates of such letters through online websites and platforms, but some kids still prefer to write a letter to Santa in their handwriting. Well, both the cases are suitable. However, online buying letters is more attractive and saves your time writing, whereas writing a letter by yourself can improve your kid’s writing skills. In case you want to write a letter to santa, then consider the below-mentioned steps.

  • Step-1

First, you will need a pen and paper where you will be able to write the things you want to ask Santa to fulfill. Next, arrange a table and make it clean so your kid will be able to write smoothly. Then, tell your kid to go in a room where they find peace and ask him to put all the things on paper, and after that, you will narrow the things your kid mentions.

  • Step-2

Now it’s time to begin the writing process. At first, you will need to greet Santa by mentioning dear Santa. After that, you need to mention your kid’s name in the letter’s beginning because you know Santa receives millions of letters, so tell your kids to mention his name to inform the Santa that its letters are from your side.

  • Step-3

Try to include all the things your kid and you want to tell Santa Claus, so do not forget to mention what you did throughout the year? Tell the Santa that your family and friends are doing great. You can guide your child to include the prizes they won this year and write good things he did this year in the letter to Santa.

  • Step-4 

After all of this, it’s time to ask your kid to put the things they want to ask the presents that your kids want from Santa Claus. Your kid must have written many things, but it’s time to prioritize the things and ask your kid to mention only those they find most crucial. 

  • Step-5

It’s the last step because the letter is almost done. In the end, you need to be thankful to Santa for bringing toys for you and blessing you with all you wanted. Now put the letter in an envelope and write the address of Santa. In this way, you and your kid can write a letter to santa.

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