When you visit Japan, a visit to Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, is mandatory. It is one of the most exciting cities in Japan. There is a beautiful confluence of modern and traditional aspects that make the place more interesting. The winter snow festival is famous all over the world. You can visit during winter to witness the winter themes and stay in the ski resorts, which are all on Sapporo’s outskirts. And the tour will be incomplete without tasting the mind-blowing foods like the juicy and hairy crabs along with the iconic Sapporo Beer.

Attend the Snow festival

The chief social event of Sapporo is the annual Snow Festival happening during winter. The city arranges for the competitions of ice sculptures where you get to see some of the finest artworks using ice blocks. The festival happens at the Odori Koen near the beginning of February month. The ice sculptors fly in from every corner of the world, and the children will really enjoy the view of the ice castles that seem to pop up in front of you right from the pages of the fairy tales. The Japan sapporo tours are never complete without witnessing the ceremony.

Ishya chocolate Factory tour

Vacation with family is going to be fun in Sapporo. If you have the kids with you, do pay a visit to the Ishya Chocolate Factory. A thorough tour of the factory will help you and the children to learn about the entire manufacturing process of the chocolates. The signature item of the factory production is the white chocolate called ShiroiKoibito. There is an onsite restaurant where you can have some food and also try the cake buffet. The children will love the robot show and the toy museum as well. With so many points of attraction, Sapporo Tour should be a priority while visiting Japan.

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