The Dubai desert safari is one of the most well known and sought-after activities in the UAE because of one reason: the soft sand that is powder soft, Dune bashing in deserts with a desert dune buggy, stunning sunsets, and dinner in traditional Bedouin campus the chance to experience a trip of a lifetime which you can’t find any other place around the globe. 

So when I planned the trip I took to Dubai, I knew that I needed to include an excursion to the desert for the ultimate bucket-list experience!


When you book your desert safari, you want to confirm that you are booking with an established, trustworthy company. If you have conducted just a simple google search to find out the options available, you are aware that thee are hundreds of companies offering similar packages.

After doing a bit of study and scouring through what seemed like a million different reviews, it was clear with absolute certainty the Arabian Adventures was the best .choice 

It was essential for me to find an organization that was punctual and professional and was able to provide a tour for our huge group of friends of 30. I also wanted to ensure that it was of a high-quality tour was not diminished, and the dunes that we visited were, well, for total transparency and, in the absence of better description, gorgeous! 

The tour I took was an evening red dunes desert safari and BBQ in the al Khaimah camp for

462/per person and includes an open meal buffet, and the experience was amazing! One of the advantages of booking through Arabian adventures is that their al Khaimah campsite is their own, not shared between multiple tour operators. What does this mean? You receive more personal service and better service.  

Highlights of the Tour Include

  • Dune bashing across the dunes of red sand for 30 to 45 hours in Lahbab desert 
  • Desert sunset photo stop in the Lahbab desert: you can explore the desert or try sandboarding down red dunes of sand. 
  • An authentic Bedouin camp experience will be the wonderful al Khaimah camp.

The tour also includes pick up from the hotel and return to the airport. The six land cruisers arrived early at our hotel and were waiting to go ! the tour guides were helpful and considerate to our needs as a big group. 

We accommodated six people into the car, and we soon became friends with our tour guide, Abbas . he was hilarious and performed the most hip-hop old school songs, and made the entire journey a memorable experience for all of us!

Our first stop was an area for rest, which was where our tour guides drained all the gas from our tires on our land cruisers before we headed into the desert. We were also able to have a bathroom break, have snacks, or rent a quad bike or ATV to begin having fun on the beach. We had a few of our friends take a spin on ATVs, and it was much fun!

Dune bashing is definitely an extremely memorable and thrilling experience you can experience in the desert. Therefore, if you are medically healthy enough to go for it, there is absolutely no reason why not to! 

Activities across Al Khaimah Camp

  • Welcome snacks upon your arrival in Al Khaimah Camp (Arabian Coffee and sweets)
  • You can try on traditional Arabic Clothes (Abaya and Kandora)
  • Camel Ries to AL Khaimah Camp
  • Bedouin events during Al Khaimah Camp: Henna tattoos, shisha, and poses with a magnificent falcon
  • A BBQ dinner buffet that featured local food (there were both vegetarian and non-veg choices)
  • Belly dancing at night, Tanoura and fire shows

Activities across Al Khaimah Camp

  1. Check the weather when you visit: it was hot in the afternoon but cool in the evening, so be sure to pack an extra sweater or jacket if you need one!
  2. Bring sunglasses & sunscreen.
  3. Drink plenty of water! (bottled water is provided throughout your trip)
  4. Do not eat for 3 hours prior to the trip to avoid vomiting or nausea from the dune bashing
  5. Bring your camera and preserve this unique and memorable experience!
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