Poker being a game you might ask yourself where exactly you get to play it. There are indoor games and outdoor games. For you to know where to play poker, you must first of all be capable of telling the difference between indoor and outdoor games. Outdoor games require one to use physical strength and need big grounds for them to be played. Indoor games on the other hand require the use of mental and intellectual strength and they can be played in small spaces. Having understood this, you will realize that poker is an indoor game and therefore it does not require a big field for you to be able to play it. Also, since you need your intellectual and mental strength to play poker, it makes it an indoor game. This article discuses where you can get to play poker.

In a casino.

Poker can be played in a casino. Usually, casino poker is played for table stakes. This means you cannot wager more than what you have on the table. All you have to do for you to play poker in a casino is to get on a list, buy your chips, and to sit down and play. As you play your poker in a casino, you must remember to play by the rules and maintain good manners. 


Poker can also be played online. There are many sites that offer judi online. Playing poker online means you do not sit next to your opponent because you play using the internet with an opponent who is in a different location from your actual location. All you need to do is to sign up and buy your chips and find an opponent online.

At home.

You can also play poker at home privately with your family or your friends.

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