The modular kitchen is no more a new and strange concept anymore in the world rather it has become a necessity for households across the world. The modular kitchen refers to specific modules or layouts and is normally done in customization. It means modular kitchen is made based on the size, shape, and style of the kitchen or house and as per the specifications and preferences of the users. This further refers that the designs, shapes, styles, colours, features, as well as components, are subject to variations depending upon the specifications and preferences of the users or the kitchen owners as well as depending on the designers and based on the efficiencies, expertise, local preferences of the designers such as modular kitchen chennai or Mumbai or Kolkata etc. This has eventually led to a new phenomenon such as modular kitchen and semi-modular kitchen. In fact, as per the concept of modular kitchen and semi-modular kitchen, most modular kitchen buyers in the contemporary market are actually buying a semi-modular kitchen.

One of the basic difference between modular kitchen and the semi-modular kitchen is that you can dismantle the whole modular kitchen if you wish so. The modular kitchen allows to dismantle it and move the same to new apartment or house and install it again. On the other hand, there is some difference in the semi-modular kitchen when it comes to dismantling it and installing it as it is. For example, suppose you bought a new house where the builder has provided inside the kitchen platform that is made out of marble with granite countertops.

The marbles and granites are hard built and installed by civil work professionals. Now, you want to add various other components such as shutters, trolleys etc. on the existing platforms which are pressed and cool finished by machines. Eventually, what you did is you have used the platform that was made by civil work and added your own features and components that are modular kitchen standard. Suppose you want to shift again and dismantle the kitchen with a view to reusing the shutters, trolleys, cabinets etc. you can do so. But you may not be able to dismantle the marble and granite because if you dismantle them you may not be able to reuse them anymore.

In a modular kitchen, you do not have any civil work involved in the installation. It starts from an empty space and plans everything including the plumbing, electricals etc. and this is the reason you can dismantle it and can fix it anywhere you want.

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