Cranes are highly preferred equipment used in several industries for different applications.  The bridge cranes are the kind of overhead cranes boasting of more than two overhead runways. They have various configurations and are comprised of two or one beams. They are called single girder and double girder cranes. When it comes to girders, they are made with rolled steel for added rigidity and strength.

The single or double girder cranes are the most significant contributors to the overall cost and complexity of the new crane system. The single girder equipment is suitable for low duty jobs and temporary work applications. On the other hand, double girder cranes are helpful for heavy-duty load and extended work applications. There are various kinds of girder cranes available with different capacities and sizes. Hence, you can choose the right crane as per your needs and budget.

Single girder lifting equipment  

In these cranes, the bridge includes sole girder bream, which has supported on every side by the end truck. They are affordable lifting solutions suitable for different industries and applications. They not only utilize less material but also lightweight and compact than the double girder ones. As a result, you can enjoy considerable cost-savings in installation, material, and freight. They require a single bridge bream and offer several benefits.

  • It is cheap due to its unique trolley design, faster and simplified installation
  • An economical solution for medium and light-duty cranes
  • Simple to maintain
  • Suitable for material yards, warehouses, production, and manufacturing facilities
  • Ideal for the places with less headroom

Double girder lifting equipment

There are two girder breams available in this model, which is supported by your end truck on every side.  By using this design, you can acquire a better depth of cross girder when a hoist is positioned between the cross girders. There are numerous benefits associated with this equipment, including:

  • Excellent hook design
  • No restriction to maximum capacity or span
  • Ideal for transportation and production of bulky equipment
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor applications like iron, steel, mining, ports, and rail yards

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