A luxury campervan.

You might be considering a campervan holiday, and you want the best experience possible, so what makes a campervan holiday a luxury campervan holiday?

A luxury campervan is where to start, your own mobile hotel, from which you can see as many sights and attractions as you can pack into your holiday while living comfortably. A mobile home has to be special to be called luxury though, so what makes a luxury motorhome?

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The quality of the campervan which you hire for your holidays determines the comfort and experience of your holiday. After all, if you are in a cramped and faded old van, you won’t feel like you are on a luxury holiday. Luxury campervans should be comfortable like being at home. Here’s a suitable site that can assist you to find campervans for hire – https://www.campervans.com/

They have all the info for your luxury camper holiday.

Space is one aspect of luxury campervans, space to sit and stand and sleep, space in the toilet and shower area so that you can be comfortable, and a good water tank for showers and washes, cheaper camper vans often have toilet and pump problems, so a high end camper should offer good toilet and water systems so that you don’t end up with your holiday tainted by bad smells and the shower not working. For a campervan to be luxury, there has to be leg room at the table, comfortable seats, sockets for phones, tablets and computers, and the kettle, of course. And there should be adequate power for the kettle and the other electrical items.

What to look for.

Another thing that makes a camper van luxury is good windows, windows which give you a view, a skylight is the height of luxury, but there should also be good blinds for privacy and darkness to sleep in. On the subject of darkness, cheaper camper vans may have poor lighting, a luxury campervan will have good lighting, especially reading lamps near beds and the table. The table and surfaces should have a grip or rim to stop things from falling off while you are on the move, and storage spaces should be securable for the same reason.

Other signs of luxury are a good television, flat screen even, and a good kitchenette with a hob, sink and cupboards, and plenty of other storage space. A luxury van will enable folding of beds, tables and seats to allow more room during the day, and it should also have an awning to create outside room.
A luxury van will have good upholstery, clean, plush and without stains, the walls, carpets and fabrics should be nice. And most importantly the beds should be comfortable and big enough, otherwise your holiday won’t be much fun.

The van should be easy to care for and keep clean and tidy, with handy storage and the fittings and materials of good quality. After all, when you go for a luxury camping holiday, you don’t want to be bothered with hard to clean and difficult areas in the van. The outside of th van should look good too, stylish, clean, pleasing. And it should be a comfortable drive, well-cushioned and with plenty of leg room and space, even if there are beds above or behind the cab.

The Holiday.

The whole motorhome should be special and a place where you enjoy being. But don’t forget to plan your trip. You should make sure can park your nice van on nice campsites or roadsides, and have a good itinerary planned of places to visit and things to see. Otherwise you will miss out on the full benefits of your special campervan holiday.Here’s a site with some tips on making your family camper holiday luxurious https://www.motorhomes.co.uk/resources/motorhome-holidays/15-tips-perfect-family-motorhome-holiday/
Be aware that the cost of luxury campervans can be reflected in the price, so book well in advance and avoid high season unless you have budgeted for it.


Don’t forget that even if the campervan is the best possible quality, you will need to pack well, make sure you have food, toilet paper, everything for cooking and food preparation, although a luxury campervan will usually provide some of what you need. Make sure you have everything that you want and need, the things that you would normally pack for a holiday, plus things like a BBQ, cool storage for picnics – the best campervans have a fridge – and anything that will make the trip more comfortable and luxurious. Here are some tips for packing for your trip:

Now you are all set to enjoy travelling in style, the best combination of sights and attractions as you move around, the peaceful nights under the stars, and the hotel quality of living, without the hassles of a hotel.


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