There are many famous online games in India with online gaming being immensely popular in India. In this article we have brought you the top 5 online games in India with more about their interesting features and unique gaming experience. India has a huge internet user base which is engaged in online games as the preferred form of entertainment. Among so many games competing for user attention, online rummy is one of the most popular games in India. Online versions of this age-old Indian card game offer the players various options for the game including the choice of playing for money by winning cash prizes. Another popular online strategy game is PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) which currently has 50M downloads in India year-to-date. A ‘battle-royale’ inspired multiplayer game, PUBG has sophisticated graphics and requires players to improve skill levels to win tournaments and gaming scenarios. A game that is as much of a rage as PUBg is LudoKing, an online Ludo based on Ludo games Indian kings used to play called Parchisi, has topped subscriber base and popularity charts quite consistently since its launch in 2016. Call of Duty is another online game that has been around since 2003. It is a first person shooter video game with many different series, titles, and scenarios all set in different environments such as the world wars, modern black ops, among others. Yet another emerging popular online game is Dota 2, a battleground game similar to classic counter-strike in popularity. Below is a list of the most popular online games in India and what is special about them:

  1. Indian rummy

Indian Rummy is an age old card game played with upto 6 players at a time wherein the goal is to arrange all cards in a series or sequence. The goal is to arrange all 13 cards into sequence or sets while using the stack of facedown cards and the dealt cards. It can be played with or without joker cards. It is a good way to earn money while playing rummy but it requires skills in focusing, counting cards and memory to keep track of opponents cards in order to win. It can be played for money legally in India because it is a skill based game and not a pure-chance game.

  1. PUBG 

PUBg or Player Unknown’s battlegrounds as it was originally called, is a ragingly popular online strategy game. Upto a 100 online players can parachute down to an island and the goal is to get inside the ‘safe’ circle and stay in it getting killed to emerge as the-last man-standing. The players scavenge for weapons, equipment, and supplies while ensuring they stay in the constantly shrinking safe area. The game requires an evolving level of skill, alertness to surroundings in the game, and presence of mind. The main attraction about PUBG is that it is an ultimate battle of wits while being easily ‘approachable’ for beginners too. 

  1. LudoKing

Ludoking is an online game based on the age old Indian game played by Rajas and Maharajas called Parchisi or Pachisi. It is not the usual board and dice game played in every Indian household, instead it is a modernised royal version of it combining Ludo and Parchisi. Yet it is simple and quick to play and that is what attracts so much popularity. The goal is for each player to get all 4 tokens they have from their starting point to the center of the board. The one who manages to get all four tokens to the end point first wins the game. LudoKing is available in many Indian languages and can be played with a computer, a random online player, or with facebook friends. 

  1. Call of Duty

Call of Duty is a war game played in first person only while the player is set in gaming environments like the World War, outer space, black ops in Cold War, futuristic worlds among others. It’s numerous warfare gameplay environments and scenarios are its special selling point.


  1. Dota 2

Dota 2 is a multiplayer arena battleground video game. It has a unique gaming experience given that it is a game between teams of 5 players or heroes each and each player or hero wields unique powers. The heroes occupy and defend their own land or bases by collecting experience points and useful power-ups to eventually destroy and occupy the enemy team’s land.


These are our top 5 picks among online games based on sheer popularity. Online gaming has become progressively sophisticated over the last 5 years alone. In the lockdown period, online gaming shot up in terms of subscriber base and industry turnover. Being such a competitive industry, thousands of online games from top gaming companies are always vying to be on the top of the charts. There are many more popular games but the above 5 games are some of the ragingly popular games of choice for Indian players. You can simply pick one and starter playing right away from wherever you are whenever you like! So what is it that you are waiting for, let the adventure begin!

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