As a poker player, the first thing that you have to determine is what are the odds of winning. Thus, here are some poker statistics and odds that will help you improve your poker games.

Premium Hands

There area 2.1% chances of getting a top starting hand. This includes picture pairs, double aces, and A-K suited. Make sure that you hold out one of these and you will never get started in the game.

Flush Draw

Whenever you have a flush draw after the flop at agen sbobet, or the one card short on a full flush, then you can make your hand 34.97% of the time. This is over a third in the game.

Suited Cards

Don’t play two cards just because they are suited. This will only improve your hand by 2.5%.

Paired Up

The chance that one of your hold cards make a pair on the flop is 32.43% which is about a third of the game.

Hitting the Board

By the river means that your chances of having a pair will go up to roughly a half.

Straight Talking

If you flop an open-ended straight draw, this will give you eight outs. This means eight possible cards that will now compose the hand. Thus, you will hit the hand by the river or 31.5% of the time. See to it that you are getting pot odds or the value of the pot versus your bet’s value. This will enable you to see the next card.

Three of a Kind

If you now have a pair, the odds of flopping a set or three of a kind are now 7.5/1. Thus, you have to make sure that you only play small pairs that you can afford. Do this if the pot is worth risking it.

Inside Straight

Inside straight is rarely worth drawing. This is because, with the river cards and the turn to come, you will hit your gutshot straight or four outs approximately which is 9% of the time.


Whenever the two pairs go head to head at agen sbobet, the bigger pair will now win roughly 80% of the time. That is four times out of five. Thus, if you have some queens and find a bet which is raised and re-raise in front of you, then you might end up fighting against the kings, aces, and both. This is now time to fold.

Perfect Cards

If you must have two exact cards on the river and turn, the chance of having both is by 0.3% only. Thus, if you have one, there is a 4.55% chance of having the other.

It is a Race

A pair versus the two overcards is called as a race or coin-flip. This is because they can each win half of the time. Whenever the overcards are suited, the pair can have a chance to win 46 to 54% of the time. If not, they can win 48 to 57% chance of the time.

Kicker Trouble

If you have a top card that matches the other gamer, however, you have a small kicker, you now have a 24% chance of winning.

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