If you are a movie buff, then you wouldn’t mind watching a movie in any language. Additionally, if you want to  Watch Tamil Movies Online, then you are on the right page, as you can find several movies here, which are indeed a must-watch. The south Indian film industry is known for creating notable artistic films that are nothing less than a masterpiece. Be it horror or art films, and you can find almost everything for the movie binge.

Soorarai Potter:

The movie is all about a young man named Maara who belongs to a remote village, and he has a dream to launch his airline’s services, and he has to overcome some challenges that fall on his road to success. The inspiring story makes you feel a part of it, so you must watch this movie if you are curious to know how it achieves your dreams.


If you want to Watch Tamil Movies Online, you can surely not miss Peranbu as the story revolves around a strong-headed single father who has been left dejected after he abandons him and their baby. While society rejects him, he finds it challenging to take care of his daughter; the movie throws light on the several harsh truths about humanity. While watching the movie, ensure you keep a tissue box handy.

 C/o Kancharapalem:

The basic analogy revolves around at least four love stories spanning across various elements, including religion, age, and ethnicity. If you love romance, then you should see the film that covers love from a young school boy’s crush to a mid-aged affair that unfolds in the sweetest possible ways. The cinematic expression indeed leaves you in awe, and of course, the film is perfectly directed and will make you fall in love all over again. Hence it is one of the  Best South Indian Movies to Watch.

Pariyerum Perumal:

Often, fans call this movie a modern-day retailing of some star-crossed lovers, including Heer Ranjha and Romeo Juliet. The story is all about a young man named Pariya, a low caste law student who falls in love with an upper-caste lady, Jothi. Unfortunately, due to the caste difference, Jothi’s family harasses Parisian to another level. You must watch this movie if you are curious to know if the two lovers will have a happy ending or not.


The story focuses on a photographer named K Ramachandran, who hits back the memory while he visits his hometown. During the school’s reunion, he is met Janki, who was his childhood sweetheart once upon a time. As 96 is the year they passed out schools, and it has been more than two decades since they have met. You have to watch this movie to learn if the childhood lovers unite or have moved on?

Hence these are some of the Best South Indian Movies to Watch, and you cannot miss out on these without a doubt.

Hence, there is no doubt about the fact, that South Indian movies are one of the best movies. The primary reason is that Tollywood primarily focuses on the ‘Acting’ and the ‘Movie Theme’. The quality of movies portrayed in this cinema is excellent without any doubt. There are some excellent scripts also here, which are worth watching and experiencing. One can always go in for south Indian movies, when they feel like watching something unique.

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