In the marketing industry, Instagram has become an essential platform in marketing businesses online. Back in 2010, when Instagram was launched, no one would have guessed that come six years down the line, the photo-sharing app would boast of having over 700 million active members. This photo and video application has had tremendous growth over the last couple of years with new users joining the app every month. If you hardly know anything about Instagram, it is crucial to look for Instagram management and development companies that will help you increase traffic to your business. In this article, we talk about some of the important reasons why Instagram is suitable for your business.


Let’s face it; people love stories period. We are a generation that grew up with fairytales and happily ever after tales. These stories have made us be so much engrossed in the little twists and turns of celebrity news. Storytelling is natural to us, and this is the reason why top businesses make use of storytelling to attract their audience. From a business perspective, telling a story on a social media platform such as Instagram is an excellent way of engaging your Instagram followers to your post. Stories have a way of creating an emotional connection with your audience.

Smartphone Popularity

Instagram is a smartphone application, and for people to access this marketing application, they need to have a smartphone. As the days pass by smartphone are becoming more and more popular. Back in the days, people used to rely on their PCs or tablets to surf the internet. Nowadays the number of people who surf the web using smartphones is more than that which surf using laptops or PCs. Unlike the major social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is a social media platform that thrives off its mobile application. As many people are constantly switching from regular phones to smartphones, then there is potential for Instagram to grow. This is one of the main reasons why you need to consider marketing through Instagram on your campaigns.

You can reach a lot of People via Instagram

People are always on their smartphones now and then. Research reveals that an average person checks their phone around 80 times per day or at least once every 12 minutes. Instagram is among the few apps that most people are always checking. The app has over 700 million monthly subscribers and if people are always on social media, then it is crucial to look for your audience on social media platforms. Make sure you look for Instagram management and development companies when marketing your product or business online. Good Instagram marketing companies will help you understand how you can make your post to be viewed by millions of people. The agency will also help you know how you can use hashtags to make your post viewable by many people out there online. Make sure you use relevant hashtags that will help you reach your target audience fast and easy. 123

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